Giving….29 day challange

If you haven’t read my post, 29 gifts you should if you want this post to make any sense. Or don’t….if you like to fly by the seat of your pants. I had a thought creep into my head yesterday, and like the thoughtful girl that I am….I let it stay for awhile before I decided to kick it out. And the longer it stayed…the more I liked it…kind of like the stray cat that showed up at my Mom’s house 5 years ago that was only staying overnight…that is still there, and probably sleeping in my old bedroom.

And here it is: I want to record  29 days of spontaneous, from my heart giving. And I want to provide a space for other people who are intrigued by such an idea…and  would benefit from holding themselves accountable here, as I post each day. I know each of us..especially Moms..tend to give quite a lot already. But this is a different kind of giving. It’s over and above ….it’s intentional…not planned. The kind of giving that causes you to be thinking all day long..what is my gift for today? where can I give?

The healer Mbali, the painter of this beautiful picture of giving has said if you forget a day, start over. The energy builds over the 29 days, and will bring a new kind of joy to each us, depending on what area of our lives is in need. I could use more joy. And more than that, I have never once given, and regretted it. I’ve neglected to give..and regretted that. I’m starting tomorrow, and I would love to hear from all of you. Journeys are always more fun when you have fellow travelers:)


16 thoughts on “Giving….29 day challange

  1. i love this idea! you can count me in!!! what do i need to do to start? is there a certain theme to each day of giving? do you have some samples of things to do? i haven’t read the book…will i still be able to do this?

    i have made it a goal to be a more positive person and this might just be the way to do it! 🙂

    • don’t need a thing!! and you absolutely don’t need to have read the book. Samples: Call an auntie or grandma that you haven’t talked to in awhile, but just haven’t taken the time. Take your neighbor some cookies..but don’t let them know it was you. When your little one says…”Momma!! play candyland with me!!” …don’t put them off. stop. do it right then..with a smile on your face. Are you seeing what I mean? It’s nothing big..but it’s spontaneous..and I think what it really training your mind to listen to your heart. How many times does it whisper to us…to do something..and we ignore it. We were born givers..we just have to remember that:)) Thank you so much sweet friend!! I’m so glad I have you to join me. xo

  2. Ok! I am starting today! Made dinner for a family in Beau’s class who’s momma broke her her back. And no Jackson didn’t step on a crack! She was skiing – silly lady!
    Gonna deliver it after school. Made breakfast for dinner and fruit salad. I have to admit I did buy the brownies, though. I a baker I am not :).
    Day one CHECK!

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