The giving….continued.

Day 17

 You know you’re obsessed with Harry Potter when you begin muttering under your breath..I really need a time turner, like Hermoine’s. Or at the very least, a wand. I just can’t seem to get everything done that I need to these days. The school year is winding down for all three little children, and activities for the summer are already starting. And we have our kids booked up for the summer. I feel like their agent, scheduling available calendar days for appearances. O dear..I’m sorry..Klaus is out of the country for the month of June. Could we look into July?

It seems crazy, when compared with my lazy summer days as a kid. But, then again…I did have a lot to keep me busy. Living on a farm out in the country provided endless entertainment…and chores. My husband, who grew up a stone’s throw from me can remember mucking out pig pens as his most favorite of pastimes. Something our children know nothing about. The first and only knowledge they have of pigs, are the ones we throw tasty treats to at the zoo. The  ZOO! Clearly, their experience with farm animals is something quite different, and that’s ok. But, how can taking out the garbage as a chore, compare with shoveling manure? Not just in the grossness factor, but the time factor too. Garbage: 1 minute. Poop shoveling: the better part of a morning.

So, our children have a lot more time on their hands it seems. This leads to trouble. Not this kind of trouble: meeting up with unsavory  gang members and stealing cars and people’s lawn ornaments. This kind: MOM!!! I was watching Hillbilly Hand fishing and Sunny changed the channel to Spongebob!! or, the coup de grace of  them all: MOM. I’m BORED. I could be wrong, but I don’t think I ever uttered those words as a child. I also walked 5 miles uphill both ways to school, though…so there’s that to consider. Either way, it’s just not good. Therefore, we book em up. Sports, camps, interpretive dance. Kidding. But, you get the idea. And it requires a lot of organization. And time.

And I’ve noticed, that when I get really busy and flustered, the first thing that goes off my to do list, is exercise.  If you have to live with me…this isn’t good. It tampers with my mood in a huge way. And so yesterday, in the midst of my obligations, I made time for myself to get my workout done. Five minutes in, the sweat is rolling off me.  The clouds disappeared from my disposition, and the sun came out again. I realized what a grand gift I was giving to myself. And, I somehow still got everything done I needed to. It’s amazing how that works. And it’s also astonishing how doing that for myself, actually makes life for my children more pleasant…and safe. It’s not fun being around a mommy who could go off like a volcano at any moment. Another gift to myself, but one that kept on giving all day long. 🙂please note, if you’re just joining me, the giving is part of a 29 day challenge I gave myself. You can read about it HERE.

Day 18

Today. I’m tickled pink to tell you, I’m planning on being quite tricky today. Trickiness is not my best feature. I really do try, but in the end, my husband always knows what he’s getting for Christmas, and my kids read my face like a comic  book.  Mom, you did not throw out my toys because I didn’t pick em up. Where’d you hide them? I can only keep secrets for two hours. And I have no knowledge of a poker face, unless it’s the song by Lady Gaga. But today I  break my streak of un-sneakiness.  Today I plan to procure a lovely cupcake when I’m out and about. Then, when my friend, who must remain nameless, in case she happens to be reading this, will be surprised to find said cupcake on her front stoop when she comes home. hee heee heeeeeee!!! I can hardly wait. Trickiness can be mastered if you work at it. This is what I tell myself. What do you think? Can I pull it off?  Care to make a friendly wager?

Lady Gaga performing "Poker Face" on...

Lady Gaga. She's a strange and beautiful creature.


10 thoughts on “The giving….continued.

    • Jeyna…I only try this trick when they are under 6 years old. I have only one left in this age category, and he seems to catch on even faster than the other 2. I once heard another mom threaten this..and it worked like a charm. That gal had no issues with laying down the law..or following through with threats. 😉 Thanks for reading my blog..yours looks awesome by the way!!:)

    • Get OUT!!!! Are you kiddin me Somersaulting?!!! Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much:)How kind and sweet of you. I’m heading to bed, but I canNOT wait to delve into this tomorrow. What a lucky girl am I. ♥♥♥

      • Hahaha, you’re welcome! It is my pleasure. Can’t wait! Heehee. I love your blog so much, I will be sad when the 29 days are over and I will miss your lovely comments. Perhaps you might consider continuing it, without the challenge?? (Or starting another one??) 😦 If not, then maybe you will still stop by my blog sometimes? 😦

        • I think I will be continuing the giving past the 29 days. It is such a fabulous thing for me to focus on each day. It’s seems like it’s a human tendency to focus on all the things we are in struggle with, or stuff that’s not going right. The giving challenge literally picks me up…and faces me in the right direction. I don’t know if I’ll continue to blog about it on a daily basis, though. People might start to grow weary! hahaha!! But I will blog about something. Because I can’t seem to keep my thoughts in my head 😉 And I love your blog as well!! I will stop by often 🙂

    • I really truly did. And it turned out to be a cinnamon roll. And she so figured me out. I need to learn the art of trickiness. :))

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