17 thoughts on “It’s a party! Come on in! We’ve been expecting you.

    • Dear Aussie,
      These are my blogging friends. We are dining on Traditional Italian.


      Capasante in crudo- Bay scallops, avocado, cucumber, piment dolce, Occhipinti vintage olive oil and a housemade chickpea cracker


      Ravioli di coniglio- Handmade pasta filled with smoked rabbit and foie gras mousseline, dressed with dandelion greens and thyme butter


      Insalata di fragole- Viridian Farms strawberries, persian cress, black pepper crème fraîche, black olives, Juniper Grove goats’ milk feta and basil gel


      Salmone con lenticchie- Oregon spring Chinook salmon, braised beluga lentils, fennel-potato purée, baby leeks, and brown butter vinaigrette


      Petto di Fagiano- Pan roasted bacon and basil wrapped pheasant breast, spring vegetable panzanella salad and asparagus pesto


      Costine d’Agnello- Reister Farm rack of lamb, chickpea-harissa purée, castelvetrano olives, shaved artichoke and mint salad, lavender jus

      Hope you came hungry, buddy!!

      P.S. Dotty asked me to save her a dish. She wasn’t really into the big group thing..so we all left our kids with her. She is fixing them all Cumberland Sausages, and teaching them about bricks..and how to cuss properly.

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