Did you think I forgot? I don’t blame ya.

My giving project continues. I just haven’t been able to tell you about it. It’s been a wild ride lately in Smalltown, USA.  Plus, for my followers…when they get my post delivered to them…I want this reaction: O yay!! And not this one: Crikey. Her again? So: I did write it down, on the back of Victoria’s secret flyer. On a side note:..that company really knows how to work it. I could supply my boys with endless scrap paper for their paper airplanes with all the stuff they send me…but of course, I won’t. I could be wrong, but I don’t think my boys need any more exposure to bosoms. They get enough of that on Dove soap commercials.

Day 19-Compliments

I was hanging out at our local Pizza Parlour, starting to feel stressed that I hadn’t gotten my gift in yet. My gaze landed on one of the cutest families I think I’ve ever seen. The Mom looked completely frazzled, and the Dad seemed oblivious to their little girl pouring her soda into a coffee cup, the baby throwing his pizza crust into the older brother’s hair, and the look of frazzled-ness of his dear wife. On the way to take one of my kids to the bathroom, on an impulse, I stopped at their table and told the Mom just how adorable I thought her kids were. Like cinnamon rolls in the microwave, that lady warmed right up. Wow! that felt great! I was addicted. So I kept going.

Cute little teeny- bopper new to the world of  Pizza Parlour Waitressing, and showing it.  As she dumped a vat of Greasy, drippy,  goodness into one of the containers, I nonchalantly mentioned to my Mom (in my loud, wanting to be heard whisper)  that the one thing our Pizza Place does well, is the hiring of pretty girls. BINGO! My words hit their mark. Although it isn’t cool for cute little teeny-boppers to smile, this one did, and gave me grateful thank you. I love giving compliments to strangers. I might have to do that one again. 🙂

Day 20-Letting Go

Sometimes, I think our thoughts need a good going through, kinda like old Tupperware. You know, some of those plastic containers are  just not useful anymore, and take up space in your cupboard. And the lids are confusing. Or lost. Thoughts can be like Tupperware. Some just don’t serve anymore, and take up space. So I let some of mine go the other day…like this one..ya. But I’m RIGHT.  I heard a quote once…Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy? My stubborn reply: O fine. 

Day 21-The gifting of rags

There are some things, that really are as good as people say they are. This company out of Norway makes very earth friendly cleaning supplies, and while I love them all, I am quite taken by their window rags. When we bought our house, I loved all the windows. Let there be light! But, the washing of the windows brought me down. Blah. UNTIL…Ta Dah!!! Norwex Window Cleaning Rags!! These things are bombdiggity. I do tend to exaggerate many a thing, but trust me when I tell you of their wonder. No chemicals..just very cool cloths. Even my 5-year old can make these windows sparkle. I truly don’t know how they work. There are some days where we need sunglasses in our house, for all the brilliant light streaming in! And I gave a set away. GASP! I did. To a woman with many a windows herself. I truly wanted her to have them.

Day 22-Clean up! Clean up! Everybody Everywhere!

I had a few extra minutes, and so I helped clean up just a bit in my son’s preschool room. P.S. Have you hugged a preschool teacher today? You should. Because they are clearly angels in disguise.

Day 23-Dogs and Bikes and me

Our overgrown puppy woke up yesterday in quite a playful mood. He’s not a puppy anymore, but I knew he was full of it when he brought me an old tennis ball from long ago, and when I didn’t get the hint..shoved the matted, slimy thing into my hand. The eyes. Those eyes do it to me every time. So I gave in, but I could tell he just needed a good run. You may not think it, but things can get a little crazy out here in the Burbs, and before I knew it, the kids were finally tucked in bed, and my own bed was looking quite soft and inviting. But then, on my way to my  pajamas, I nearly stumbled over our dog. The one that I had put on the back burner all day. His eyes would dart from me, to the door. Me. Door. Sigh.

And I tried something I haven’t tried in a long time. I pulled out my nifty purple bike, wincing at the memory of Frodo running pell mell with me being drug far behind , anxiously  trying to gain some kind of control, until…..BAM! He stopped abruptly to examine a suspicious looking leaf, causing me to go flying into a nearby yard. And the people who lived there  were having some kind of party. You might have already figured it out, but I turned out to be the impromptu entertainment. Lovely.

 But, tonight  I would be under the cover of darkness, I reasoned. We took off. I only had to pedal once, at the very end. I felt like I was in the Ididerod with an Ipod and poop bag at the ready. I swear I heard Frodo say…….Dude. That was like totally awesome.

I really only have a few days left of my challenge. But I think I want to keep giving. What do you all think? Should I go another round?


10 thoughts on “Did you think I forgot? I don’t blame ya.

  1. I was just telling hubby -I hope Lis hasn’t stopped her blog”!!
    You are an inspiration, and a good belly laugh all rolled into one.
    DO NOT STOP, please.

  2. I haven’t commented to let you know about my giving for awhile either! Not sure the last one I told you so I’ll just give you a couple highlights off the top of my head from the last week or so…I stole one out of your playbook and gave some extra loves and exercise to my dog, gave my time and a little extra cash to a good cause at church, bit my tongue when I was feeling rather cranky and sarcastic (I know this probably doesn’t count, but I just cannot tell you how hard it is for me to keep in some of my darker thoughts sometimes so trust me it WAS a gift that I kept my mouth shut), and the best one was a gift to myself but it will benefit others too-I gave the gift of honesty about something I had been struggling with for a long time and I think by finally doing what was in my heart will make for a happier Mama and a happier family too. 🙂

    • Dear Ang, I love these gifts to ourselves. At first I thought they were just takin the easy road. I am a selfish person at heart and only want to give to myself.
      But, the truth is, so many times…these gifts are the biggies. Cuz they literally change what you are able to do, and who you are able to be for the people that live with you. When I give to myself, I really am giving to my family. It took me a really long time to figure that one out:)) Good job girl!!♥xoxo

      • It is BOMBDIGITY. And Fabulouso. And I love made up words. Keep going!!! p.s. It’s a scientific fact that people that use slang terminology are 78.2% more attractive to the opposite sex than those that only use the same tired old words. It’s true. xoxo 🙂

  3. The visual of you with ipod and poop bag in hand flying down the street at night did it for me…great post.

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