Dear Future President

Dear Future President:

I don’t know who you are, and where you’ll be found….but I’m hoping you exist somewhere in this universe. I’ll vote for you, I’ll blog about you, Facebook you till the cows come home IF:

*You will commit to doing yoga 3 times a week. I don’t care what kind it is…there’s naked yoga…laughing yoga….Hatha yoga…choose one…commit to it 3 times a week. I know you’ll be busy, but you need to take the time to lengthen your muscles and unwind your mind.

*Sign on with Martha Beck as your personal life coach. Yes. You need her. If she’s good enough for Oprah, she’s good enough for you. Shut up and listen to her….she’s cool.

*One day a week you have to a school and have lunch with a kid. Not the popular one, who is easy to like. The one whose Mom forgets about them from time to time…or always. Look at them, listen to them, and NO photo ops. But bring your own lunch. Better yet, bring your own, plus one for every kid in the lunch room. School food sucks the big one.

*You need to get the crappy school food situation fixed. I’m a Mom who makes my kid’s lunch. Most Moms are trying to work and take on half the world’s laundry….it’d be nice for their kids to eat well, too.

*Do the right thing. If it feels wrong in your belly, don’t do it. I don’t care who tells you to. Ask Martha. She’ll shoot you straight.

*None, and I mean NONE of your friends can be politicians. They have to be normal, real people, like plumbers and teachers. I could possibly be persuaded to let you be friends with Jimmy Buffett. That could be good for you.

*You have to listen to Jimmy Buffett at least once a day for 20 minutes. It’s music for your soul, and you are going to need it. This is a deal breaker.

*You have to meditate to Deepak Chopra once every day. You got stress, dude, or dudette….you gotta meditate if you are going to lead this country. I have to, and I’m only really responsible for our dog, and sometimes the children.

*You’ll have to have a strong sense of self, because if you are the person that will do all of the above….you won’t be Mr. Popular. Your country will make fun of you. It’s ok.

Downdog and carry on…and listen to Jimmy.

*Breathe in breathe out move on…sung by the great Jimmy Buffett

***If you have more ideas for our President, make sure to list them here. I can add them to the letter before I send it out into the Universe.

26 thoughts on “Dear Future President

  1. That school food idea is great. Did you watch Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution? He tried but didn’t get very far.

    I’d say the President shouldn’t get more than ONE vacation a year. I don’t even get that and all I do is draw things on a computer.

  2. And school food can be kinda icky! Pretty much processed heated up stuff. My kids will eat their PB&J, pink ladies and edamame outta their lunch pails most of the school week. And sometimes Beau brings chili. Sorry Mrs. Wagner…….

  3. He/she will be popular with me! In our dreams I think :). But really, is it too much to ask that a president at least meditates every day and does a few yoga classes? I’m with you, I am only responsible for only my own tiny little patch of turf, and I need to do those things to keep MY sanity 🙂

  4. That’s awesome! Especially the requirement to make lunch, bring it to school, and pay attention to a kid nobody pays attention to. There’s nothing like children, normal working people on normal budgets, and some domestic responsibilities (however tiny) to keep powerful people in touch with reality.

    (And now I’m 96% sexier than the rest of the world again? I didn’t know this, but yay!)

  5. Dear Lis,
    Have you read Jimmy Buffett’s A Salty Piece of Land?
    I read it aloud to sweet husband one winter. We got so attached to the characters, we laughed and we cried together…

    All great advice for the future leader of this country!


  6. A Parrot Head, as well. I feel like I am in the right place. “He went to Paris looking for answers to questions that bothered him so….” If the President would follow your, Martha and Jimmy’s advice, we would be OK. Many thanks, BTG

  7. this is so good! Jimmy is a wise man.

    He said I ate the last mango in Paris
    I took the last plane out of Saigon
    Took the first fast boat to China
    And Jimmy there’s still so much to be done

    Buffett for president (and not Warren)!

    xo mag

    I keep following you and it’s not working, you don’t show up in my reader 😦

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