Dear Future President

Dear Future President:

I don’t know who you are, and where you’ll be found….but I’m hoping you exist somewhere in this universe. I’ll vote for you, I’ll blog about you, Facebook you till the cows come home IF: Continue reading

Eat, Cheat, Love

I’m a wanna be meditator. Have been for a long time, even before I read Eat, Pray, Love…a book that will convince you if nothing else will, to get into the practice of meditation.

I mean look what happened! The woman ended up having more sex than Hugh Hefner, generated money out of thin air, and ate the whole country of Italy without having to resort to clothes shopping at the local  Tent and Awning…. ALL of this from sitting cross-legged, in complete stillness and resisting the temptation to swat at flies on her face. Continue reading

♫La La La La La ♫

There is no way to do this post without going all AUNT AVIS on you. I interchange the word brag with Aunt Avis (God rest her braggy little soul). She was my funny, and adorable aunt that loved to boast. Usually it was about her own children, but she would extend it even to nieces if the opportunity presented itself. I’ve told this story many blog posts ago, but it’s worthy of a re-tell. Continue reading

Day 9..a day late.

The Essential Simon and Garfunkel

I grew up listening to these dudes belting out tunes from my older sisters' bedrooms.

Yesterday I gave myself a gift…and it was the sound..of silence. I just sang that last part. Thank you Simon and Garfunkle for an awesome song. When I first committed to  the 29 days of giving project, I was a bit concerned that I wouldn’t be able to come up with something everyday. Or at least something more than…I made my family dinner. Ta-dah! But, it seems I am in a vortex of grace right now. Inklings for giving are  popping into my head, and almost better than that..I have a conviction and sureness of choice once I grab onto a thought floating by like brightly colored balloons with long strings.

When I started texting, I was in pure heaven. It was Junior High and High School all over again, where  I reigned as  Note-Writing Queen. If I had put even a quarter of the energy  I invested  into my little word/picture combinations on lined notebook paper …I woulda been chosen  Valedictorian….and not just most creative dresser.  Texting.  The idea of instant messaging my busy working friend  while she was in a boring meeting…with something really funny…or innappropriate? Absolutely  priceless.  I relished the thought of her noticing her phone vibrating in her bag.  Looking down at her cell phone while trying  paying attention to some windbag in a suit..and seeing…

..Someone told me you sound like an Owl Her  reply: what?  Who? ……BAhahahhahaaa!!!!  Ok Lis. Very funny. In a meeting here. I KNOW!!! ahahahhahahaaaa!!!! Get it? Whooooooooooo???

But, as fun as my little mini pico telofino ( I did Rosetta Stone for Italian. Sorry about that) is, I decided I needed to take a break from my turbulent mind that goes something like this: ok…I need to do laundry. Kids have no underwear. BEEP! O look! a text! Ouch! I just burned my tongue on that coffee. I better do a Facebook status about THAT. RingRing!! Hello? Me busy?? Never! how are YOU??

And I have to say, after a couple of hours of finding myself going for my phone, only to realize I had hidden it..I experienced a blissful and zenlike afternoon.  I don’t want to do it everyday, though. I had to fight the urge to commandeer the lady’s phone at the drug store…and update my fB status to..In stillness….I find my true self-DeepakChopra