Day 3

My arms full of laundry. I balance it all on one hip while using my pinkie finger to pull open the top  dresser drawer in my oldest son’s room. I heave the folded warm t-shirts and silky basketball shorts inside, and notice a piece of paper, carefully folded, among the remnants of jeans and khaki’s on the bottom, that are probably too small. I’ve been meaning to go through his clothes, knowing that his body has not only grown longer, but it’s filled out too. When I hug him, I can feel the strength in his arms, and the broadness of his shoulders.

I unfold the note, and to my amazement, see it’s a letter written in my hand. One I had composed a couple of years back, for his birthday. I shake my head. I would never have guessed he would have kept it. But then again, isn’t that the kind of boy he is? Yes, I smiled. That’s exactly who he is.

It inspired me to start writing another letter to him. His birthday isn’t until the end of next month, but finding the previous gift of words that were so safely squirreled away  lit a fire under my extremely somewhat procrastinating tush. I didn’t expect to finish it so early, but this morning  as the sun came up, and a small bit of steam escaped from my coffee, I added a sentence, and it seemed to complete my thoughts. I will wait for his 11th birthday, but I’m giving the energy of my writing as my offering today.

As the days stretch out

And the sun leaves it’s mark on your nose, that is a perfect likeness of mine

My memories find their way back to a time

When I carried you as a secret

love letter

to dream over and consider

Too soon would others guess

the Story  behind my smile

the Melody in my laughter

the Dance in my step

You summoned the rain

and sweetened it’s perfume

You bewitched the violet hue of the lilacs, and forced their bloom

You composed the music to be sung

by the robins and jays

You crowned Spring

Queen and Ruler  of my Heart

for the rest of my days.


8 thoughts on “Day 3

  1. Tears…. you so often bring me to tears! But happy ones!!! My heart knows their truth and has felt the same chord. So beautiful, and I love that your little boy treasures it too.

    Sometimes I wonder if my boys will get me…will appreciate me (and poetry and beauty and sensitivity) in the midst of the firestorm of super heros, pea gravel and woodchips, fart noises, 4 wheeled vehicles and dirt that is our male dominated home. I hope they do, and I hope they keep it safe and treasured in their sock drawers as well. 🙂

    • You are such a dear sister of my heart. I knew u’d get this. I found a treasure in that drawer..and it was more than I could have hoped for..from my strong boy that was once my tiny little secret keeper..kicking up a storm..not to be ignored:) boys are as in love with love as we are..if we put aside silly cliche`s..dont u reckon?*

      • It sure is a good thing you women got all that mushy business covered. You are quite good at it; as good as we are not so good at it. The design is amazing…the mom role and dad role. So complimentary and yet so different.

    Which artist sings it?
    I had to look it up so I can send it to hubby when he’s on his next trip.
    I didn’t trust my boys to keep the “special” things, so put them in a memory box for them that they each still have.
    Sometimes it takes years to apreciate the things your mom did for you. haha

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