Day 4

Shhhhh!!! The littles are all sleeping. And our larger than normal standard poodle  lazily surveys my typing with one eye open, as if to say, wanna go back to bed? why are we awake? Today is a holiday for my school age children, and I don’t expect to see them bright-eyed and bushy tailed  anytime soon. My preschooler, though, will be pattering up the stairs at any moment, so I must rush. Because today is their day. My children’s, that is. I woke up knowing my gift for today, and it is my time my absolute no distractions or cell phones kind of time….the one thing I seem to not be giving as much as I could be.

My older children( age 12 and almost 11) were born 17 months apart. My days were spent on the floor, mostly, with both of them, delighted by their very existence….glad to have an excuse not to be cleaning the house, or doing other mundane domestic chores. What could my husband say? He knew all too well the consequences of leaving them to their own devices. What one didn’t think of, the other one did. I could yarn many a tale for you about this, and I probably will someday, but today I’m in a bit of a rush. Because today is theirs.

We had our third child 5 years later. He was the best surprise I could have ever dared to dream of. And I noticed that I still spent quite a bit of time hanging out on a carpet that desperately needed a good vacumming…but not quite as much. Violet, my oldest…took over the baby’s care quite often with a suspicious look in her eye that gave me the impression she didn’t altogether trust my mothering skills. The baby, our Sonny, was mesmerized by his older brother Klaus, and he needed to do nothing more than his normal boy behavior to entertain him for much longer than I would have guessed possible.

I’m not sure when it happened, when I crossed over from everything being about them, to my start of a more me plus them existence. Maybe it was the day I could take a bath by myself again. Or head to the gym  at night without getting a call..ummm. honey? could you please come home? Sonny won’t take a bottle, and Klaus won’t stay in bed, and Violet is upset about all of this.  But, it’s gotten all too easy for me these days to go on about my normal activities of Pinterest, housework, cooking , showering, working out to Leandro’s Brazilian Butt Lift…because they’ve grown up a bit. They are occupied with friends, the many electrical devices in our home, books, hobbies..eating. There’s a lot of eating going on. My daughter grew an inch in one month. An inch! It seems to require a lot of food.

So today’s post is a prediction of what I’m giving.  I plan to be off the computer before any of them come padding out to the kitchen. I will squeeze my bum bum with Leandro before I hear any Mom!! I’m hungry!!’s Because..I intend to make it their day. Do they want me to take them to the zoo? Unquestionably. Do they fancy a picnic lunch in the park? Absolutely. Will they ask me to take them for a bike ride? Certainly.  Will my 5-year-old ask me to play Candyland? Yes. He’s obsessed with Queen Frostine. And today, there’s no..just a minute’s or not right now’s. Today is  just a resounding YES!

P.S. $20 says my older two have plans. That didn’t include me. That’s ok. $20 says they can still be bribed with ice cream.


8 thoughts on “Day 4

  1. for day 3 i called someone that i should have called a LONG time ago but kept putting off. and for day 4 while at the DQ with my kids having icecream I paid for a stranger’s bill that was in the drive through while we were in the restaurant. 🙂

  2. Because of reading this post (and more importantly, you writing this post), I am proud to say I was able to see an everyday moment this weekend and take it as an opportunity. It started by my whining/nagging/prodding my 10 year old niece to put up the Legos and come help us with “work”, As I stood and watched her not listening to me, I heard your blog in my head…and sat down next to her on the floor and built a quite awesome-if-i-do-say-so-myself Lego house/restaurant including an outside kitchen (complete with wi-fi and a palm tree :)). She had built a car/house/grocery store on wheels that included pretty much do anything you could ever want.
    I’m so glad that you wrote what you wrote that day- I know of two people for sure that benefited in a most positive way 🙂

    • Wow! That kind of the very spirit I’m trying to capture here!! Thank you so much for sharing your story..that’s a gift to ME today♥♥♥

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