Day 2

I’m feeling slightly embarrassed to post today’s give. Because I think most people will say..really? that’s it? And for most , what I did today would register a .2 on the Richter scale of disbursing grace. So, I need to plead with you to indulge me a bit.

I love books. Always have. One of my earliest memories  is of my Mom reading to me from a worn out, well-loved copy of Tom Sawyer. My favorite part, that I had the most affection for.. ( maybe because my Mom was a master of voices and expression)….went like this:

“I can lick you!”

“I’d like to see you try it.”

“Well, I can do it.”

“No you can’t, either.”

“Yes I can.”

“No you can’t.”

“I can.”

“You can’t.”



An uncomfortable pause. Then Tom said:

“What’s your name?”

“‘Tisn’t any of your business, maybe.”

“Well I ‘low I’ll MAKE it my business.”

“Well why don’t you?”

“If you say much, I will.”

“Much — much — MUCH. There now.”

And every night, no matter where we were in the book, I would beg her to go back to the first chapter, to recite that very section. I was probably about 4, but the hook had been set. I had fallen in love with stories, and the way I could go wherever the author led me, just by stepping fully  into the words, and letting them take me.

So. You gettin me? Books are my friends. And I just lent out one of my newest ones today. I have no idea whether I will ever see it again. I had some internal drama before giving it…It’s no big deal. If they don’t return it,  you could always buy another one!!!…countered with:  ya…but I’ve made notes in the margins!!! (imagine that last sentence in an annoying nerdy, whiny voice).

I won’t be winning any awards for bequeathing this book to another fellow book lover. However,  by the time I actually gave it, I really did release it, and realize it’s just a thing. It’s not like giving away a kitty to someone who you know isn’t exactly the most vigilant caretaker, and getting the news  said cat got it’s tail shut in the car door. I promised I wouldn’t go there. So. Today’s giving is done early, and it feels awesome! Are you looking for a good book? I’m your Huckleberry:)

4 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. i hope this counts for day 2…this evening after all my daycare kids had been picked up and it was time to start making supper and doing all the normal evening “things” (supper, homework, dishes, baths, etc.) JackJack looked up at me with his very persuasive blue eyes and asked if we could “please go on a bike ride” like we had the night before, “please please please momma!” …and in that moment I decided that all the other things could wait so I gave the gift of my time and we happily went on the bike trail and had a glorious pre-supper ride and a little bit later meal. 🙂

  2. I really love that Ang!! To me, that is the spirit of this whole thing. It’s the small yes-es we give our children, the gift of stopping the world for them. Or the thoughtful meal, as my friend Jay contributed to a family in need..on that day. Not later..RIGHT then. When it was really needed. Wonderful!! (Who can resist JackJack?:))

  3. Hi honey,
    Mine was little, too, but I could actually SEE the change.
    I went to a doc visit, and the intake gal and I have come to know ea other on sight.
    I’ve never exchanged anything more personal with her than – Jan Roepke her for my 2 o’clock.
    But yesterday when I noticed she had on these awsome shoes, we had a little “connect time”, and her smile said it all.

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