Light-filled Friday

The day started out like any other day- I greeted my children, they settled in, and we began our work for the day. Teaching in a Montessori School is a wonderful thing, because at any given moment, a child may walk up to you and say, “Miss Lisa? I’m ready to learn division today!”….or, “Could you teach me more about how the continents were formed? I want to know more!!” or, “Hey Miss Lisa could you listen to my multiplication tables? I want to try to pass the EIGHTS today!!” A Montessori school requires the teacher to follow the child, and their motivations and interests.  My role as teacher, was Tour Guide to the exciting things about living on earth; it was to share the very building blocks of the world-and to this day, I still can’t believe I got to do it.

That day, the day I will always bookmark in my life, I remember a flurry of activity, like any other. It’s something to see: kids on fire about learning. I was in the middle of a lesson when one of my smallest students tugged on my dress. She looked pale, and not her normal, exuberant self. Tears were welling up in her blue eyes and I knew we needed to call her mom.

I went to the big binder called PARENT INFORMATION and found my student’s mom’s number. But under her number, something popped out at me. Under PROFESSION, were the words, life coach.

I still remember the way I stopped in my tracks. I knew I was led to this page that I held in my trembling hand. I want to say it was de ja vu, except that’s not exactly it.  It was like finding something that I remembered looking for in another life time. Sorry. I know that explanation is as clear as mud, but it’s the best I can do. If I could use dramatic music….I would use it HERE.

I dialed the number, and I recall saying, “Mary? Keeley isn’t feeling well, could you come? And also Mary? Can we talk about you being my Life Coach sometime?”

Here’s what’s strange. It was 1999. I had never heard of a LIFE COACH. I’d never heard a description, and I sure as heck didn’t know anyone who was ever life COACHED. But something in me knew that having a Coach in your life, was a good thing. I had been watching Mary, for a long time, and I liked the way she did Life. I admired how she never appeared to be frazzled or rushed. I watched the way she spoke to her children-they were equals she respected. She laughed easily. She approached problems we had at school like the kids in my class did: calmly, confidently, with a tinge of excitement at having a challenge. (yes, she is that amazing!!)


Mary Maisey-Ireland, creator of Your Joyful Life


The truth is, the very environment I was in, led me in the direction of asking for a Coach in my own life. All day long, was coaching. A motto that we started out reciting each day was, I like myself, I can think for myself; there are no problems too great to be solved. In the Montessori program, Writing and Math are only part of the curriculum. If a child is a having a conflict with another child, it’s not swept under the rug. Actually, it was the opposite. We almost celebrated it-because here was a chance to solve a problem, the right way. It was learning at it’s best.  The children are taught how to stop, and talk the problem out so that both walk away with a resolution. Often, the whole class gets in on it, offering help, ideas, and support.

In essence, I was teaching the children, and myself, that there’s always a better way to live our lives, and we must keep reaching for it.


Mary took me on, and that ‘s when I began looking at everything in my life differently. I would come to Mary in our sessions and give her a laundry list of the things that were wrong in my life. She would sit with me, and patiently untangle each and every thing. She taught me a variety of things, that today I call TOOLS. I literally picture a tool box, and each of our sessions added a new and different tool to my box entitled How to Deal with Life.

rainbow hands

And here’s the thing….now, after 15 years of teaching children, and 3 kids, and 17 years of practicing using all my tools, and learning a few more…I’m able to do for others what was done for me. I’m able to offer Coaching that untangles, and heals.


We came to this earth, which I like to call EarthSchool, to learn and grow. My Montessori students came to my classroom everyday, so excited about learning something new! And I often call on that energy when I start to feel like Life is getting too routine. I remember their joyful attitudes and the way they would beg me for the next step.

I call on their zest for life, and remember to ask for more lessons, and the grace to learn how to get through them with the same energy my small students had as they approached the works in our little classroom.

What parts of your life have you sort of just given up on? What have you put on the back burner, because you can’t even deal? What problems in your life keep coming up, making you CRAZY, because, seriously…WHY ME?! Have you often thought, There has to be a better way! but never really found it? Or do you just keep getting up everyday and hope for the best?

I’ve been working with some amazing, brave men and women (and even some children) who have decided they want to be on purpose about their lives, and want to learn a better way. I love to teach. More to the point, I love to teach THIS. Small confession: Math never was my favorite.

me web

Today, because I want to encourage more people to see what happens when you sit with an unbiased, loving and caring person, with no preconceived notions, no judgments, only solution-centered goals–I’m offering A DEAL. I want others to see how a huge knot can be untangled in their lives.

TWO 90 MINUTE SESSIONS WITH ME FOR $88.88. I could wow you with the math on what an incredible discount I’m offering, but, since I don’t LOVE THE MATH….can you just trust me? It’s good.

So, I’m only offering this until I hit 15 deals sold. And some of those are gone, baby, GONE..already. Don’t wait. I can’t wait to work with you.