My Top Five Lovers

And by lovers….I mean books, of course. Come on people. Get your heads out of the composting bin.


Ok. I’m gonna get right to it. I love love love books on spiritual guidance/how to be my best self/how to be of greater service to my family and the world. I just do. And I know it’s not for everyone, which is great news actually, because then I’d have nothing to share with people. I’d be all ohmygosh I have to tell you about this super cool thing Dr. Wayne Dyer said about when you change your thoughts….and  then they’d be like…yep Lis. Read that. I already KNOW how to change my thoughts so that I can change what I see in the world. NEXT. 

But alternately, I do love talking about books with people who enjoy these kinds of books. Because then I might hear of one that makes me jet off to good ole’ Amazon quicker than a woman ordering the latest handbag that Jen Hatmaker herself wore during her amazing trip to all the amazing places in the world. I may or may not have raced there only to find that they are all sold out. Thanks for nothing Jen. OH fine. I still love you, because I did get in on your plug about the beachwaver. You were right. I’m in so much love with it that the waver and I should get a room.


Jen writes one of my favorite books, called For the Love. If you know her, like I pretend know her, she is just real and the also  the salt of the earth. Salt isn’t fancy, it’s just the flavor that you take for granted will always be there. That is Jen, strong, steadfast, and such a role model for me. AND is also literally SALTY sometimes. Which is just perfect.  PSSSTTTTT. I’m slipping her book in, and yet not counting it as one of my five. Like how I did that? teehee!!! 

Alrighty. Let’s get this going, shall we? I’ve got lots of things to LINK to, because I know you are going to be wanting to go to Amazon and get all these books. Do a little finger warm up, because you are gonna be doin’ some clickin’. And nobody wants you to pull a finger. Unless it’s your Uncle Fred, who never gets tired of that joke.

  1. Excuse me, your life is waiting, by Lynn Grabhorn. This is the first book I read that woke me up to my power to vibrate faster in order to pull in higher frequencies. Ok. Don’t glaze over here, now. Lynn is hilarious in this book and speaks very plainly with tons of stories. She just went on a mission to make her life better, discovered the work of Abraham (several angels who channel their message through Esther Hicks), and actually set out experimentally to find out what happens when you take steps to change your own vibration. Lynn has passed into the Heaven realm now, but I’m so glad she fulfilled her purpose on earth-to write a book that completely changes people’s lives. It did mine. Yep, it’s that huge.  (teehee!! I did it AGAIN!! I snuck another book in!! See how I did that?)excuse me your life is waiting
  2. The Power of  Your Subconscious Mind, by Joseph Murphy. Published in 1963, folks. And it’s a heavy hitter. My oldest friend (we attended each other’s one year-old birthday parties-old) gifted me this book, and I go through periods in my life when it doesn’t leave my side. It’s full of affirmations, stories, bible verses (that Dr. Murphy broke down to better understand the meaning) and so much more. For example, he once worked with a doctor who said, “Everything in my life is topsy-turvy. I’ve lost health, wealth, and friends. Everything I touch turns out wrong.” Joseph talked with him, and inspired him to write this affirmation, which he lovingly repeated every day:                                                                                                                                              Infinite intelligence leads and guides me in all my ways. Perfect health is mine, and the Law of Harmony operates in my mind and body. Beauty, love, peace, and abundance are mine. The principles of right action and divine order govern my entire life. I know my major premise is based on the eternal truths of life, and I know, feel, and believe that my subconscious mind [God] responds according to the nature of my conscious mind’s thinking.                                                                                                           And of course, he got better. This book is chock full of amazing stories and inspiration, and I’m always blown away that it was written 20 years before I was even born! Ok fine. Eight. 
  3. I Need Your Love, Is That True? How to Stop Seeking Love, Approval, and Appreciation and Start Finding Them Instead, by my beloved Byron Katie. (Just call her Katie-she’s casual like that). byron katieOne day, I got really brave, and read this book all the way to the end. The first time I tried, I got super nervous, because Katie was saying all sorts of crazy things like, It’s not your job to like me, that’s my job. And I was like, seriously lady? Really? Because I genuinely love shoving that burden off on my husband and family. But the thing is, she had a point, and I started to look at all the relationships in my life very differently. What if I actually started to take responsibility for my own happiness? What a concept! And then, she had this handy worksheet called :                                   Ask the Four Questions. It was life changing, and every now and then, I need to pull one of these bad boys out in order to ….well……in fancy terms—just get over myself already. I really can’t even begin to recommend this book enough, but it’s not for the faint of heart. Katie may call you sweetheart, but she doesn’t pull any punches.
  4. Carry on Warrior:  The Power of Embracing Your Messy Beautiful Life by my friend and mentor Glennon Doyle. Every now and again, I get really stuck in my writing, and so I shoot G a little tweet or message, and even though she is crazy busy and famous, she always has words of wisdom for me, and as long as I live, I will never stop singing her praises. She is the realest deal there is, my little reader. She takes the brokenness of her life, and lays it out there for all to see. We watch her descent…but then we see her rise, and it’s something of beauty. And it’s all there-so that you can use Glennon’s journey, to help you on yours. The thing G does, is takes that invisible line there is in the world that divides-marks some people as out, and other as IN– goes and grabs everyone’s hands, and DECLARES that everyone BELONGS, and pulls them into the circle.  (Her newest book, Love Warrior made Miss Oprah Winfrey herself take notice and say, “Girl! you are my new best friend! move over Gayle!” (well maybe not that last part.  (teeheheee!!! I did it again! I am the trickiest blogger EVER)                            carry on
  5. Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman’s Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia by Elizabeth Gilbert. What can I say about this book that hasn’t already been said? I think Liz would say to me, “just tell em what it meant to YOU, honey” And so I will tell you that this book taught me what it looks like to completely surrender–to let go of a plan, or the way you think life should be. To be brave, and try things, and that nothing, and I mean nothing, is more vital to living your best creative life, than taking time to develop a spiritual practice. I am taken aback when I read this book, at the way Liz just went beyond fear, and created such BIG MAGIC in her life. (high five me, here, ok? I’ve just now successfully snuck in yet another book without it counting. Oh the cleverness of me!)

eatAnd so. There it is, my darlings. I must tell you how very painful this was for me, to only pick FIVE. Technically 10.  How do I leave out The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith, or You Have 4 Minutes to Change Your Life: Simple 4-Minute Meditations for Inspiration, Transformation, and True Bliss , or What Is the Bible?: How an Ancient Library of Poems, Letters, and Stories Can Transform the Way You Think and Feel About Everything , or, oh man. I need to stop. I could really just go on and on. But let’s end on my trickiness, shall we? (13 books in the top five list!! that has to be a record! I really am a very naughty girl)

Get in your Athletic Crouch!

Welcome to my silly life readers.  You may be wondering why I am choosing to write about a subject that will most likely trick over 1/2 my readers into thinking at first glance I am writing about someone’s CROTCH.

No no no. That’s not until the next post. Psh. Silly readers.

I have a story to tell, and I promise it does have a point other than making you blush and tee hee like a school girl.

My tale begins on a normal warm summery day when I picked up the Firstborn from Basketball Practice. She was working with her coach one-on-one, which was a new thing for her, as is the whole sport of Basketball.  I was anxious to find out how practice went for her, and drilled her with a tirade of ….Did you…..Did he have you….Did you start to get the hang of….. She answered none of my queries, but after a minute matter of factly informed me that the biggest thing she and Coach worked on was….

Her Athletic Crouch.

This is a PERFECT crouch. I could say more. But I won’t.

Erggh….what did you say? I barely managed to squeak out after choking on my juicy sugarless gum. I’ll just be real here.  There’s something about that little phrase that  just sounds WRONG. (Is it the Crouching Dragon Hidden Penis* reference from the movie Old School?)…. or the whole crouch/crotch similarity of words thing? Either way, the phrase startled me.  Not to mention that my daughter was in this practice for a FULL HOUR…and that’s ALL they worked on? And it’s these times where Lady Gaga’s Poker face would come in quite useful.

One of my favorite scenes from Old School. This movie is like number 5 on my list of funniest movies EVER.

It turns out, that one’s athletic crouch, or as some people like to call it, “The Ready Position” is very important, and what it refers to, is the stance that you take on the court, field, or drive up lane to MickeyDees.  Comfortable crouch, up on the balls of your feet so you can move in any direction; glove down (if playing softball/baseball) and ready to field the ball; eyes focused on the ball. Firsty girl demonstrated for me, to give me an idea, and HER  Athletic Crouch…looked..well, athletic. When she demonstrated, it made me think she was ready for 1, 2, or even 10 basketballs to come her way, at which she would catch them and fire them into the basket in less than 2 seconds flat.

Look! Even Katniss Everdeen knows how to crouch…athletically!

I won’t even try to tell you what MY athletic crouch looks like. Oh fine. I will. It looks like a cross between a little old lady that really needs to go tinkle…and a warrior that has just been wounded in battle, and is doing that weird frozen in time thing they do in movies right before they snuff it.

Mama in HER athletic crouch.

Giggle, guffaw, snort…go ahead. But come back. I have some profound thoughts.

I got to thinking about the whole crouching thing, and the way it applies to life. You know me, always trying to see the big picture and play amateur life coach to anyone that is just too cheap to hire a real one. But here’s what I came to: We all need to be working on our Athletic Crouch, or Ready Position (for all the wimps in the world who are too afraid of the word crotchcrouch)  In the sports world, if you are just standing straight up and down…it takes valuable seconds you don’t have in a game….to get into position and do whatever it is you are supposed to be doing with the basketball. Same thing in Softball, Football, Wrestling, and Rugby. (I admit I know NOTHING about Rugby. This is my attempt to be global and fair)

And so it goes that the same principle could be applied in life.

Lisa’s Athletic Crouch ….and stop laughing, it has nothing to do with CROUCHING.

  1. Sleep. And lots of it. I transform into a Mommy brandishing wire coat hangers if I get less than I need.

  2. Good non-junky food. Aside from causing a few mini Mount St. Helen size pimples to erupt from my face, crappy food makes me feel…well, CRAPPY.

  3. Exercise that makes me sweat. I have a dirt road. I pour all the yuck from my day onto that road and let it dissolve into the nothingness from whence it came. As I’ve divulged before, I talk out loud, to the corn, and the occasional squirrel. I talk to God, I lay everything that is too heavy at his/her feet, and it’s magic.  It is by far my most useful workout, that doesn’t just tone my buns and thighs. ( I just said “buns and thighs” in my Saturday Night Live Russian skit voice).

  4. I gotta do what I love, for at least a few minutes a day. Even if it means spending a few minutes writing a mini-story about a funny happening or inspired revelation on Facebook. (Yes. That ole rag). I do prefer WordPress, but can’t always commit to the hours that seem to get sucked away when I set a toe onto my reader and peek at all my awesome writing friends.

THAT is what my Athletic Crouch looks like. It’s nothing too fancy, but it has me wondering….what does YOUR athletic crouch look like?

*Didn’t see that PENIS reference comin, did ya? That’s just me…keepin YOU….in your ATHLETIC CROUCH.

Gather around my rocking chair…

Well, Carr Party of Five has gotten 100 Likes on Facebook. I’m not sure why this tickles me. I guess, because for me, Facebook is a little more accessible than WordPress if you are doing 95% of your electronic socializing on your phone. So, when I’m waiting for my daughter to get out of volleyball practice, or waiting for my friend Magen to show up so we can walk together, or spending valuable time in the bathroom,  I multi-task by popping on my news feed to see what people are up to.

I’m thinking it’s cause for celebration. How ’bout a story from the old days? Go get your popcorn and munchies. I’ll wait.

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Instantly Instantly Never Never

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Jeepers Creepers…where’d ya get those peepers

Look away. I’m hideous.

Dear Readers, I have some really bad news that I need to share. I’ve recently been diagnosed with a Sub-conjunctival Hemmorage. I don’t know how much longer I have, but I do know that the last few moments of my existence, must be spent posting. What’s that quote? “If the Doctor told me I had 6 minutes to live, I would just type faster“? Continue reading

Pretty Little Liars…listen up.

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♫La La La La La ♫

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The Road to Freshly Pressdom is Paved with Good Vibrations

That’s us up there, top left. Snapper is doing his best impression of Jason Mraz.

Don’t you just LOVE it when people who go from knowing absolutely nothing about something….get lucky and all the sudden behave as if they hold the keys to the universe? It’s like when SmartyBigHead (name changed to protect his big head identity) stared at me with the most condescending gaze a 3rd grader could muster when I asked him why HE always got to be the Class Messenger…the most coveted of Elementary School positions for obvious reasons: hall wandering and free a piece of candy off the secretary’s desk for anyone that could move faster than a slug.  After the longest pause in the world, he had a lot to say on the subject, as if he had dreamed of someone….anyone to ask him this exact question. He went on to explain his greatness, and I gained a sudden understanding of why this kid had no one to play with at recess. Continue reading

Oh Happy Day

I was out walking on the gravel road behind my house that leads to bean and corn fields. Looking over the rolling hills, watching our dog Frodo leap over them with pure, unadulterated joy. I talk out loud when I’m out there. I know it’s kind of weird, but for some reason it untangles my thoughts. If someone were hiding in the ditches or in between the corn stalks they would hear me talking about my hopes, my dreams, and all the beauty in life that I am so blessed to have: my family’s health and exuberance, my day-to-day magical experiences that stop the mental, mundane chatter in my mind.


It’s like, buy groceries…. clean that nasty bathroom…call so and so back…. you have to exercise girl….that chocolate cake will attach itself to your hips otherwise—-Oh! Littlest is laughing so hard he can’t breathe—I have to hug him. What was I thinking about?


I was in the middle of being thankful for all the wonderfulness of my life, when my phone went off. Beep Beep!


Congrats! We’ve picked your post Death and Lemons to appear on Freshly Pressed on the WordPress home page.


Oh. Em. Geeeeeee!!!


I am really excited, not only for me, but for my friend, Snapper, too. He’s a brilliant writer, and deserves recognition.


This calls for Diet Coke.


I’m off to do the Happy Dance.