Day 15/16

My friend: Magen Richeal, Mrs. South Dakota 2012

Have you ever met a name dropper? I’ve run into my fair share. The oh so casual statement…that goes something like this: So, I heard your family went to Disney World!! How wonderful! Where did you stay? O really? How lovely! WE actually stayed in Cinderella’s castle. Herman’s first cousin was best friends with WALT’s( picture a long pause right here) wife’s hair stylist.  The pause after the NAME DROP is key. Because they want to make sure you make the connection from themselves to——————–>famous/cool/popular person. Referring to them just by their first name is also really important. It solidifies that they and Sir/Madame Famous are TIGHT. They  may not go so far as to call em them their BFF…or Bestie, or homie. But that person knows who they are. They could definitely pick em out of a line up.

So yesterday, I got a call from MRS. SOUTH DAKOTA  (pause pause pause) needing some help with a video that she needs for the pageant at the National Level. Of course I said yes! Me and Mrs. South  ( pause pause pause)go wayyyyyyyy back. So of course I agreed to lending my artistic talent. Tee hee. She actually is one of my best friends, and I do happen to be very proud of her. As I told the judges after the competition, they chose very well. They seemed relieved, because of course,  my seal of approval was crucial to the success of the  whole pageant.I say this with my tongue tucked far into my cheek.

Day 15…CHECK!

Day 16: Risking life and limb.

So, I am exaggerating. But I am going into a rather dodgy part of town today to deliver some clothes my children have outgrown. I’ve meant to get there, but there never seems to be enough time.  It’s not like the YMCA truck doesn’t come by every few weeks. It does. The trick is to remember to set stuff out the day they are coming. Remember? I’m a Squiggle.  We also have a little place here in town, but when I say little, I mean tiny. One day as I was hauling bags of baby clothes and toys in there, I could see the eyes of the sweet little  ladies that work there become large, and their brows begin to furrow. They were clearly overwhelmed, and ever since then, I’ve taken the great majority of our things to a mission downtown. It’s for women and children, and even though it’s not in an area of town I want to linger,  I get such a good feeling when I give anything to them.

I once heard a woman talk about how she  gives their “good stuff” to family and friends. That way, she can be sure they are being put to good use. It made sense. But then I read something that changed my feelings on the subject. I can’t remember it verbatim, but it was something to the effect of this: When we give, with no hope of a thank you, no expectation of receiving in kind for what we’ve just given, or no satisfaction of impressing anyone with our generosity….we are truly giving. I like that. When I give my stuff to the mission, I feel like God/Angels/Spirit is deciding where those things should go, and not me. I know that I’m not going to be seeing an adorable dress of Violet’s on another little girl, and feeling a smug sense of satisfaction that I shared something so wonderful with someone else. I have no idea where that dress is going, I release it to whoever is meant  to get it. And that person never has to tell me thank you, or feel in debt to me. Because the truth is, that dress was never really mine to give in the first place. Or any of our wonderful things, for that matter.  They are gifts given to me and my family by the love and grace of God. 🙂