Wall Flowers

This pictures doesn’t really go with the theme of this whole post. I don’t care. I love it. And face it, when will I be writing about smoking tennis girls?

The pages are feeling sad. They sit there, along the wall looking pretty, but no one gives them any attention. I promised I would try to get them a dance or 2.

It’s a Party! Come on in! We’ve Been Expecting You!

So this is me. I write a blog. Well la-dee-dah

I’m Married to a Vampire

My Unfortunate Children 

Add Your Blog to the Party 

Just because they are old doesn’t mean they aren’t special, too.

I’m not trying to bully you into reading all of these. I’m not like my friend Hollie, that threatened me, and several other 11 year-old  partygoers at her sleep-over, to hate us forever if we didn’t agree to sleep outside on her trampoline with her for the night in 102 degree heat. One of my best friends, but boy did she have a temper.

I won’t hate you forever. But man, I’ve cast some nasty stink-eyes in my day. So beware.

Thank you for your cooperation.