Eat, Cheat, Love

I’m a wanna be meditator. Have been for a long time, even before I read Eat, Pray, Love…a book that will convince you if nothing else will, to get into the practice of meditation.

I mean look what happened! The woman ended up having more sex than Hugh Hefner, generated money out of thin air, and ate the whole country of Italy without having to resort to clothes shopping at the local  Tent and Awning…. ALL of this from sitting cross-legged, in complete stillness and resisting the temptation to swat at flies on her face. Continue reading

Pornographic Breakfast Cereal

I’ve decided I”m completely boring when it comes to creating a URL for myself. For you all you non-bloggers out there, a URL is your identity when hanging around other blogs, commenting and or/liking what they are up to. Your online fingerprint.

I’ve checked a few out, and considered making a more flamboyant statement about who I am. I need a cooler calling card. These are just a few I found, hoping they can inspire me:

DrunkandRestless  hmmm…when I do get tipsy, which is once in a blue moon, and usually involves a Bloody Mary, I don’t get restless. I talk more. If that’s even possible. So maybe DrunkandChatty?

DancingwithPoles  This one woulda fit me in my younger days. Just kidding.

IceDoesn’tHelptheUncoordinated  This one made me laugh out loud. A literal LOL. Probably  because it hits very close to home. Ouch!

Satan’sLittleGirl  O dear. I knew a girl like this in college once.

TelepathicGorilla  I would love to know the story behind this one.

InmyBed-Now  When I saw this one, I couldn’t help but think of Meg Ryan saying, Take me to bed or lose me forever …when she saw her soon- to- be- dead- but- she- didn’t -know- it-husband, GOOSE in Top Gun. (This was before Tom Cruise turned psycho. Before he jumped on couches on National Television; before he got weird about the birth of his child, forcing everyone to BE QUIET.) Whatever, Dude.

It’sWhereUnicornsF*ck  Pardon the french. I just couldn’t NOT include that one. I’m hoping they are the kind of people who enjoy nature.

SweatPantsAreASignofDefeat  Yes. Yes they are I say as I look down at my feet poking out the bottom of my comfiest, nastiest sweats that I should never wear in public. Have you ever noticed, that when you run to the grocery store looking your worst…is when you run into people you don’t want seeing you in your holey sweats?

LovelyMustacheGirl  My little Sunny pointed out a gal who should probably look into waxing the other day. So, I’ve got a good mental image of the lady with this URL.

But…as creative and fabulous as these are, I’m still a Plain Jane. I need some help creative bloggers and friends!  Or else I might choose something really corny, like DietCokeisMyDrug.