The Invitation

A formal dinner hosted by a woman I admire, who in Alice in Wonderland terms, has a lot of muchness. Fancy, yet low-key. Ladies. Real. No fake butter or people.  This was the invitation, as I read it,  and for someone who operates at soul level as much as possible, I’ll move whatever I have to in order to show up for that.

robin 1


The evening didn’t go as planned, but this is where it really gets good.

I’ve learned that you can tell a lot about a person by the way (s)he handles these three things: A rainy day, lost luggage and tangled Christmas tree lights.― Maya Angelou

We ladies were chattering away joyfully, sipping wine, munching on appetizers, and happily soaking in the fragrant smells that filled the whole house. The thought hit me, this is good, this is needed by me, and I didn’t even know it. As a mom, and someone who is building a business, it’s easy to become stalkerish, or obsessive, or both.

About both.

To just be a person. I mean, isn’t that a novel idea?

When was the last time, I was just Lisa? Lisa the Mom- girl who is NOT  worrying about losing Quinn for the 257th time, or Lisa, the entrepreneur – girl focused on creating something new and valuable for women, but affordable; something that doesn’t sound super odd and woo-woo…..



It was an experience that I was just soaking in with relish and delight.

And then there was a crash, and blood, and our evening took a detour. Our lovely host, had dropped a very heavy pizza STONE on her toe, and thankfully, we had a medical girl in the house, who said, ….”oh! it looks like stitches are needed!” , because the injured girl had planned to RUB SOME DIRT ON IT just wait and see how it was doing after dinner. We were all looking at the blood, glad to have Medical girl there, because it looked like something that could not wait.



One of the take charge ladies, one I would call in case of any emergency in my life, who I feel would probably always just know what to do–took our bloody-toed girl to urgent care, and the rest of us decided to stay, and to keep the home fires burning, vowing to eat our feast when they returned.

We all held the vision of it taking a couple of hours, that it would be no big deal, as this was the prevailing mood of the crowd. Robin, the, injured, exuded calm and practicality, and drama just had no place at this party.

And so we girls waited.


And the two hours passed by quickly. We were in control of Time, and it knew it.

When they returned, right on schedule, the real party started. It’s interesting, but, when a crisis occurs, it seems to sift away all the low-level, of no importance stuff. It keeps you in the now….in the grateful now. We ate the food like it was our last meal, and it tasted that good. We giggled at the peculiar night that none of us could have seen coming. And we just lived inside that night, paying no attention to a future morning, where sleepy eyes and headachy HEADS would be a reality.

Soul-deep conversations happened.

Silly and sillier conversations happened…with food and drink fit for queens. I sincerely hope everyone in the world gets to have moments in their lives just as wonderful as this, minus the painful injury, because not all of us take such things in stride.