All Rights Reserved*

All Rights Reserved*

All Rights Reserved* (Photo credit: no3rdw)

I just clicked on a picture that I found on Tumblr. It took me to the¬†Photograher/ Artist’s Website that took the photo. Just for fun, I right clicked on the photo, as if to download it, and THIS is what I got: Continue reading

Legal Schmegal

Art by Daniel Danger

I just added a new page. I’m finding 99% of photographers to be an awesome bunch. I’m only posting pictures I can link back to the artist. But, I’m not going back to all my other posts. I’m just not. After much thought and research, that’s the conclusion I came to. When you KNOW better, you DO better. Continue reading

Bloggers Beware

This is a no photo post. Why? Because I’m scared out of my skin. Continue reading