Toes by Zac Brown

Me with my Finger Toes. Pay no attention to the tiny foot off to the left. Although it is cute and Fred Flintstone like.

Ya’ll remember this picture? It’s from my  journey Into the Mystic. It’s the best photo I have of the time I spent with “finger toes”.


FINGER TOES. Some people call it a French Manicure. But Another…who will remain NAMELESS<<<(if you click on NAMELESS….it will take you straight to my girlfriend that so nonchalantly decided to make me feel bad about my toes in the middle of a baseball game that our sons were playing in) calls this particular nail fashion…Finger Toes.

“Lis..sorry…but, you have Finger Toes.”  announced Miss Nameless.

Finger toes? How weird is that? Who wants their toes to look like fingers?

I was devastated. Everytime I wore my beloved flip-flops, I was self-conscious. What were people thinking? There goes that girl with the toes that look like fingers. Ewwwww!


Why doesn’t she wear some flats that cover up those finger toes?

So, I went to my wonderful Kerri friend. Master of all things nails….and asked her to get rid of my Finger Toes. She did. This is what they look like now.

Pay no attention to the large black poodle snuggled up. Look at my toes.

So I ask you dear reader: Which look do you prefer? I know what some people would say. But I need your opinion. Because, of all my features..I’ve always been quite confident about my feet. I thought I could pull off any nail design.

Until. You know WHO said you know WHAT.

Please help me get my confidence back.

But be honest.

Because, if I’m walking around looking like I’m doing a handstand….that would not be cool.