King’s Cross

This kind of magical thinking keeps me reading Harry Potter over and over again. J.K. says this story just “dropped” into her head, and all she could do was write it down as fast as it came. Continue reading

Eat, Cheat, Love

I’m a wanna be meditator. Have been for a long time, even before I read Eat, Pray, Love…a book that will convince you if nothing else will, to get into the practice of meditation.

I mean look what happened! The woman ended up having more sex than Hugh Hefner, generated money out of thin air, and ate the whole country of Italy without having to resort to clothes shopping at the local  Tent and Awning…. ALL of this from sitting cross-legged, in complete stillness and resisting the temptation to swat at flies on her face. Continue reading

The Grapes of What?

It’s happened. The husband and I were actually talking about something other than the small little details of our life. Phrases of our back and forth look something like this:

Are you picking up from practice, or me? Ummmm….did we really need that cowhide rug? Just so you know…you totally snored last night. Where do we keep the flour in this house?!  NO. I had to do it last time. I’m out of clean underwear. Didn’t we pay those guys already? I bought the cowhide rug because it’s so freakin’ AWESOME!

You get the idea. So, when we started talking about books, I got a little bit turned on.

O ya baby!

Until……..The husband boy decided to just be WRONG. And ruined the whole thing.

This is a gorgeous book. I’ve read it twice. There are quotes like this one:

The bank is something else than men. It happens that every man in a bank hates what the bank does, and yet the bank does it. The bank is something more than men, I tell you. It’s the monster. Men made it, but they can’t control it.”

Or this one:

“Okie use’ ta mean you was from Oklahoma. Now it means you’re a dirty son-of-a-bitch. Okie means you’re scum. Don’t mean nothing itself, it’s the way they say it.”     

Or my personal favorite:

The Preacher Laughed Softly.…”You know,” he said, “it’s a nice thing not bein’ a preacher no more. Nobody use’ ta tell stories when I was there, or if they did I couldn’ laugh. An’ I couldn’ cuss. Now I cuss all I want, any time I want, an’ it does a fella good to cuss if he wants to.”

You know? Really good stuff. That makes you wonder about the way our civilization is set up. Makes you see the strength that rests in people, and gets them through horrible times.

This could have been a great conversation; one so deep the ocean woulda been jealous.

But no. The part of this literary classic he dwelled on?

John Steinbeck. What a weird guy. How about the end? Where that girl Breastfeeds the old dude?!  That’s way too strange for me. Seriously, who writes stuff like that?

It may not surprise you to know, I developed a sudden headache.

But, I must admit, I’ve done my Internet surfing homework…and it turns out, many people are completely put off by this book. Not just Mr. Husbandy Husband. So, what do y’all think?English: John Steinbeck

Signature of John Steinbeck


Was this guy just an old weirdo? As my husband would like to claim? Or was he an amazing writer …who is famous for a reason?

P.S. it’s ok if you disagree with me. But I need more than….ewwww! Breast feeding an old guy!

FairyTale Facebook

Grinvelda Fairygodmother: You know what? Put a fork in me. I am DONE.  D-O-N-E. You’d think people appreciate your work. You go around waving your wand, bippity boppity.. And then, you’re told by some snot nose brat, “I don’t need a man to validate who I am”.???? LOL  Excuse me? The kingdom is starting to talk.  I saw her t-shirt and it scared the fairy crap outta me. Do you blame me for trying to intervene?“A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle.” –Gloria Steinem   Unbelievable.

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Snow White Charming  Oh no! I’m so sorry Grinvelda! That’s horrible! How awful! Come over. I’ll fix you a little drink. Some people just don’t know what’s best for them! I for one don’t know what I would do without the men in my life. Tee hee 🙂  Love you! xoxox

Cindy Rella Prince Oh my dear!  I heart my new Vera Wang♥ You are the BEST! And don’t think about it for 2 seconds. I’ve been around these kinds of girls. They are so hopeless. You can’t save em all:( Are we still on for shopping? Text me!