I’m working my way back to you, babe

everything carries me

I am. Getting. Closer.

I get a few of my favorite people in my email, and every time it makes me long for my Word Press days. When I actually put my thoughts out for everyone to see. Back then, I had so many thoughts that just had to have a platform. HAD to.

I’ve noticed that I still have so many thoughts, but I’m enjoying keeping them to myself. Dreams, revelations (some really quite shocking), and many light bulb moments. Like a great big pot of Lentil stew, all the different ideas are simmering. And if you try to take a bite too soon, you’ll get a crunchy lentil and it’ll be completely disappointing.  I’m not ready to let them out just yet. They are still cooking. Which reminds me of my Middler, when he was a baby. He was very quiet, unless crying from hunger or wanting to be held. I had been used to the baby babble of my Firstborn. She talked all the time, with inflection so precise, I knew exactly what she was saying in her own made up language. To me, it was as if her motto was, “So what? I may not have English down to a Science yet, but that won’t stop me from expressing myself.”

When my Middle born son, all the sudden, out of nowhere started talking in complete sentences, I was flabbergasted. It turns out he wasn’t the strong silent type after all. He was just making dang sure he was going to get this talking thing right before blabbing away. His little brain had been working on it; perfecting it. *Sidenote: Littlest is a perfect mix of the older two, but by far and away the one with the most words in his mouth.

So, I’m the Middler right now. I started out like Firstborn, as some of my loyal readers know. But I’m progressing to Middler, and will hopefully end up like Littlest: a perfect blend of both. Does that make sense?

Well, I sure hope so. I miss the wonderful personalities here on Word Press. To those of you who have found me on Facebook, thank you so much! For now, it’s working well for me to just write a paragraph or two with no strings attached. It’s the Microwave version of Lentil Stew.

Love to you all, and I hope to see you soon!

P.S. I’m really sorry about those nasty awful Lentil Stew metaphors. I just made a huge pot, and I can smell it wafting from the kitchen.

You Can Let Go

I tucked him in bed last night and told him when he woke up, it would be the first day of school! He reminded me that he wanted to wear his Batman shirt, not the glow in the dark one, though, the NEW one.  I walked up the stairs, and remembered he needed a lunch. I ran to our small grocery store before it closed and ran back home and started cooking up a feast. The Middler came out for a drink of water and wondered what in blue blazes I was doing…..cooking….at 10 pm. I explained that Littlest needed a good lunch for the next day, and asked him if he would like to reconsider NOT eating school lunch. Continue reading

Her leftovers Bring all the Critters to the Yard

Our family farm in Iowa♥

I grew up on this land in Iowa. Full of rolling hills that are every color of green.  My mom still lives on the farm, and I used to run on this very lane around our house and down to the barn, my playhouse that I created, and that the animals shared with me. Some not very willingly.

This Post will tell you that story . It’s not there anymore.  Just like my Dad’s shop and the corn crib that I hung out in quite a bit.

But it’s home. And my Mom still manages the land quite well. Family farms it, and she oversees all the decisions that come with that. Back in the day, Mom and Dad, and my 3 older sisters braved everything from blizzards to intense heat to care for cows that were calving, or pigs that needed their pens mucked out. When my Dad died, all the livestock was sold.

The only animals left now are a special group of wildlife that for some crazy reason loves to hang out at the farm.

I’ll get to them in a second.

Pretty Kitty is Mom’s cat that she begrudgingly decided to keep after it showed up quite a few years back. I’m pretty sure he’s a boy. But he remains Pretty Kitty. And doesn’t seem to mind.

He’s the Outdoor Cat that sometimes gets Indoor privileges. He has a food bowl on the deck that is usually filled with kitty food.

But on any given evening, you could find bread crusts, leftover egg yolk, coffee cake that’s lived in Mom’s cupboard one day too long, or the milk that she buys even though she hates milk; even though she has no cereal eaters left in the house.

My kids love going to Grandma’s house for so many reasons, I can’t even begin to tell you. One of those reasons involves her attitude about food. Nothing is ever wasted. There are animals who will enjoy what you didn’t save room for.

At Grandma’s, there’s no need to hide your broccoli under your plate. If you leave food uneaten, she will happily instruct you to:

Throw it out back! The birds will LOVE that!

And they do.

My mom attracts the most amazing birds with brilliant colors to her yard.

But, that’s not all she attracts.

Over the years, she’s complained about possums, porcupines, something that looked kind of like a mole, and mice.

She doesn’t seem to get the connection between all her pig slopping food, and the creatures that come to dine on it. She’s like Glenda the Good Witch meets Hansel and Gretel.

Today, she related a story, that had my whole family rolling. And I just had to write it down so that I won’t ever forget.

Mom was doing some work outside, and came up to the deck to find a large, bushy-tailed skunk eating out of the Pretty Kitty’s bowl.

Oh my!  were her words of surprise.

The skunk was startled, and began ambling away.

In that moment, Mom felt sorry for the old fellow. And before thinking, she goes on to say,

But it’s ok. It’s fine. You can stay.

The skunk looks back, and as if seeming to understand my Mother’s sentiment, goes back to the bowl and resumes eating.

Later, Mom gets distracted with something else in the house, and opens the door that leads out to the deck, and Kitty’s food bowl. As Mom recalls it, I’ll be darned! she mutters as she realized the skunk is still taking his time, enjoying his unexpected feast.

He starts to leave.

Mom begins talking to him, in the same voice she uses with small children. She tells him that he can stay. What’s it going to hurt. He just needs to leave Pretty Kitty be.

Dear readers, I swear to you on all the cans of diet coke in the world, that skunk just sat back down and stayed a spell.

And something about that just makes me happy.

Our farm used to be home to many animals long ago. I guess I love that it still is.

My boys

I am the proud mother of two boys. I love it. I don’t know exactly what I was expecting when I looked seriously into this whole motherhood thing. But, in a million years, I never really let myself imagine what it would be like to call out..”Boys! Come to dinner!” Continue reading