Soul Companions

I peek at the Caller ID and pick up the phone. A forceful gust of air escapes that had  just seconds before, been held tightly in my chest.

Hey!”, a perky voice calls out.

“Oh hey. Damn I’m glad it’s you.” I bleat into the receiver. Continue reading

Blinding me with SCIENCE

This molecule of water was exposed to the words, 
Love and Gratitude. How gorgeous is this? There's a 
Japanese Scientist that has a super sonic expensive high-
speed microscope. He is looking at water after being
exposed to different words and music.

When the Water was exposed to the words, "You Make Me Sick". 
Icky, right?
This photo is of the water after being in the same room 
where Mozart was playing. Here's the conclusion: 
If words and music can have this effect on
water....and our bodies are made up..of WHAT percentage of water?
Like...93%? What do words we hear, or tell ourselves, or music
we listen to, do to OUR BODIES?

My mind is officially blown. 

This is amazingly wonderful news!
I'll keep you updated with more information as I get it, but 
please go check it out for yourself. This is cutting
edge awesomeness. It's Science, which I hated every
second of the school day, but I LOVE this.
*I found this fabulous info on Dr. Emoto's Website.
** But first I found it on a movie called, What the Bleep do we Know?

It’s a miracle on 7th street

I told Christian Grey about the 29 days of giving. This was his response. What a guy.

Well, sound the alarms. I actually did it. I did it! I said I would give for 29 days straight, and Jehosephat! I did it! I have the most fantastic of plans and goals. Lose 30 pounds by next Tuesday, write a book by Friday, and go to England to visit my dear Dotty when her next whim hits to go for a stroll out in her beautiful countryside; my favoritest new writer in this whole bloggy business.

But then something else happens, and then something else, and before I know it…..sigh. My fantastical plan fizzles like an assortment of cheap fireworks. But not this time dear reader. And If I could award you all with something I would, because really, I owe it all to you! Had I not promised on my bloggity blog that I would do this giving thing…and tell you all about it, I really may have not followed through. I can START. I’m a rockstar at STARTING.  I seem to have trouble with the FINISH part.  It would have gone like this:

Mrs. Startergirl: Hey honey! I’m doing this giving thing for 29 days! Isn’t that cool?

The Husbandboy: Yep.

(Insert lots of words here, explaining about the book I read, how it inspired me, how really everyone should be doing this…yada yada yada….)


Sometime later, let’s say 7 days later………………..

Mr. Husbandboy: So how’s that giving thing going?

Blank look…accompanied by a fleeting feeling of annoyance..He was LISTENING? O Fudge.

Quick change of subject.

Followed by a superior look from Mr. Finisher of all things. Blast.

But it did NOT go down that way. My final list of giving is below…all laid out for you to ooooh and aaahhhhh over. I’m typing from the list I made on the back of our water bill.

Day 24 Gave a severely pregnant lady some lovely non-alcoholic drink mixes for these strange 85 degree Spring South Dakota days. I remember wanting a drink so badly while being the human incubator of our children.

Day 25  I listened and listened to a friend that needed to talk. You may remember, I’m quite lovely at the talking business. Getting better at the listening tho, slowly by slowly. I’m realizing what a gift it is to give.

Day 26  I stopped and helped handle a small family emergency. If I wouldn’t have, someone else would have, but I knew this was something I could do well. And so I stopped reading 50 Shades of Grey  what I was doing, and did what I could.

Day 27  My wonderful Violet and me were planning on going to the Titanic movie. As the days speed forward, I find myself treasuring my time with her more and more. She’s only 12. But on the other hand….she’s ALREADY 12. It turns out that many other children had their hearts set on seeing Leonardo in all his wonderfulness, too, and so I consciously made it my gift to take them all. It required a little more organization on my part.   But let me tell you, every kid I took told me thank you, and seemed to truly enjoy the movie. Really? It made me less disenchanted with the state of our young people these days. There may be hope yet.

Day 28  I started doing magic quite a while back. Don’t tell anyone though, because I’m not sure if they burn people at the stake in these parts. We’ve only lived here for 7 years, and using your witchy powers  hasn’t been covered in the town meetings yet.

 But I can totally do it. I picture someone who is in need. And then, while I have them firmly stuck in my mind’s eye, I envision light completely surrounding them. Kind of like they are in the vortex of a tornado of bright, glittering light. The color depends on what’s going on with them. I do a brilliant purple, for healing. Golden, for strength. I’ve done white, when I picture that person needing their guardians or spirit guides to be by their side.

 I have 2 very dear souls in need lately, and so I set my phone alarm to go off at 2:22 everyday. Whatever I’m doing…I stop. I do some magic. Then I go back to reading highly inappropriate and wildly fictitious love stories. (I wrote about this yesterday…Don’t click on this post though. I’m not doing you a service by telling you.)

Day 29  I have to tell you, I felt some pressure yesterday…to do something really phenomenal. I mean, it was day 29! But, it turns out, the universe had plans of its own, and only needed me to be me. I scooted Sunny out the door. I had 37 places we had to stop at when we got into the City. We live in a little town I’ll call Mayberry, and so it’s a bit of a jaunt to the Big City. We make the trek. Ready to spend it up.

 NO purse.

That’s right folks. What kind of Mom forgets her purse? The kind that has had her head stuck in a book that no God-fearing woman should really be reading.

And right about then, I got the crazy idea to take poor little drug- along Sunny to the park. We played and played. I nearly got stuck in a strange piece of playground equipment, but there was really no one there to see. Who needs shopping?  See how the universe counted on me to leave my purse at home? And then it manufactured one of the most heavenly days of sunshine and light wind? All I had to do was say yes.

As you may guess, I have a lot more to say about this. And I will. But I’m not stopping. Day 1 starts again today. I shared my sushi. WHOA. Game on. 🙂