The Secret Garden

secret garden


I’ve been a busy girl. My mind has been whirling around like crazy after my very first Women’s Rest Shop. It exceeded every dream I had of women coming together-creating a circle of love and trust; a circle made strong by hope, dreams, and faith.

I wrote about what I wanted to create HERE.

And this is the space that was created by not only myself, but Angels, (of the both the earthly kind, and heavenly kind.)

June 29 Rest shop

A couple of the responses I received, which just felt like winning the lottery:

It was absolutely wonderful! I am SO glad that I went to this. I didn’t know what I was missing in my life. ❤️I am very much an introvert so it is hard for me to open up. It was nice to be in a group where I felt a little more at ease talking about things.

And this:

I feel I need to share a little bit about today. After I left today, off to work and other meetings tonight, I’m just now “taking it all in” on what went down this morning. This morning was so out of my comfort zone but I knew it was something that I needed to experience. I am so thankful and feel so blessed to have been a part of this with all of you. The one word that comes to mind is healing. So many firsts for me that happened, also met a few new people and connected with Dells ladies that I see out and about. Lisa, how can I ever thank you enough for starting this journey and including me and these other wonderful ladies !!Today was truly a great day!

It was just everything I dreamed up in my head, and more. We had about 12 of us ladies, and the day really flowed.

Questions abounded: When is the next one? 

One of my favorite places in Dell Rapids, is the Mother’s Healing Garden. It has an actual labyrinth in it. I mean, how many small towns of 3500 people can say that?  My friends Carol and Jeannie created it after the loss of their beautiful boys, Jeremy and Wyatt. They felt so sad coming to the cemetery, and wanted to change that. They innately felt, that there was ground there that wanted to become. They felt deep in their bones, that they could create a space for deep healing and joy.

And so they just did it. Like magical women who forgot that the word reality even exists.

They are famous now, which is no surprise. A great woman named Twylla wrote a fantastic book called Labyrinth Journeys: 50 States, 51 Stories, and Jeannie and Carol’s Garden Labyrinth they created in our small town of Dell Rapids, made the book! Oh my goodness! And Twylla made a second trip to Dell Rapids to facilitate a day where women could walk the labyrinth and hear more about her quest to travel our country in search of rich stories.

Healing Garden 7

Photography by Ronda Decker Haak

Oh how the Garden grows.

Healing Garden 5


I’ve been hanging out there nearly as long as we have lived here in Dell Rapids. This place drew me in like sailors heeding a siren call. I still thank my Angles for leading me there, because really, I had no justifiable reason to go there. Not being from here, I don’t have family buried in the cemetery, which you need to drive through to get to the garden.

Healing Garden 6

Photography by Ronda Decker Haak

And yet. 

The feeling you get when you come into this space is the combination of a silent ancient cathedral, holy and sacred, and a forest, with tall trees who hold old secrets, and grass where only the deer have been. It is exactly that.  I could give you more words, but truly they don’t work very well to describe this place that wanted to become.

Healing Garden 8

Photography by Ronda Decker Haak

It’s no wonder that things like sacred drum circles are being held there now under each New Moon, as well as impromptu prayer circles.

Healing Garden Drum Circle

And so. Why not have my next Rest Shop there? Right? All of my goals lined up perfectly with the energy of the Healing Garden, that I sort of call The Secret Garden, because it seems that everyone who knows of it, thinks of it as their secret.

And so began the plans for a soul-massaging night for about 14 women to experience something so special and sacred that I couldn’t get the feeling out of my heart.

There was storytelling, labyrinth walking,  guitar playing, EATING, EFT tapping, and a Healing Circle Ritual followed by the kind of girl talk that generally only takes place after 2 pm at a slumber party. (Like when you are like 15, and your biggest worry is that you cannot get your hair HIGH ENOUGH.) One of my friends captured this picture, and the deep happiness it causes in my body is called pure bliss.

July 27 2017 Rest Shop (2)

Behind the garden, with the corn standing guard and the fireflies keeping watch.

I knew as soon as that blessed night ended, that more had to come. I knew. But then the “reviews” came in, and I felt it in my very bones.

I loved last night!! My favorites: again the healing circle, of course the food, the live music, and as always your amazing energy!! Oh, and the location!! I totally admit that I completely forgot that we were even by a cemetery!! I felt totally awake and in such a good space!! When the dark set in, I loved just being near a corn field, sitting on homemade quilts, with the company of the fireflies and all the women there!! I would, however, love to delve a bit deeper into tapping and maybe even other meditative techniques? I also seem to have difficulty knowing what to journal about? I think I would benefit from more specific guidance in that department?? Thank you Lisa!!

and this one:

I loved everything. I especially liked the angel cards. The campfire behind the wall was enchanting as was the Garden after dark.


Positives: Location, location, location! And the awesome weather you ordered. The healing circle, tapping, hearing your story, hearing a snippet of  *T’s story,  *K and *M becoming fast friends, being made to feel special, Jeannie Ammon and Carol’s project…and so much more.

Negatives: the evening went too quickly.

Great job, and I very sincerely thank you! (*names protected)

garden at night

Photography by Ronda Decker Haak

So. I was given some amazing feedback, and have been hard at work ever since-tweaking and polishing for the next two events.

One Rest shop will honor the request of all the ladies who said, It has to be at night again! And during the week so I can go! And the next will honor all who said, I need a weekend date please! I’m very excited to host yet another night under a setting sun with beautiful guitar music and women who turn back into little girls when you give them some fire,  a quilt and a few fireflies. But the morning one? I must confess to being out of my mind about that one.

As some of you know, I’m a morning girl. I haven’t always been, but over the last five years, I’ve discovered how much more sweetness and synchronicities occur in my life, when I start my day intentionally, in the morning–before anything or anyONE …..can happen to it.

Intentional early mornings make me feel like I’m WINNING AT LIFE! And add to it, the Secret Garden, Coffee and tasty food by my friend, Carol, Meditation and Music and Connection with lovely ladies?!

I’m practically levitating.

So. Here’s what you need to know if you are coming to these events, or any in the future:

  1. I love you so much for coming, and when you come, I will hug you and tell you that this day feels like Christmas for me. Because it will. These days are full of so many gifts, I can barely sit still, and generally cannot SLEEP the night before because of it.
  2. I will ask you to step slightly out of your comfort zone. If we had a 5 day retreat or something (a dream of mine I am working on)….you could spend a couple of days keeping to yourself and warming up in super slow mo. However, we only have a few hours, and I don’t want you to walk away from the experience wishing you had opened up. I want to help you have the experience you came for.
  3. I will feed you. Because that’s what my Mom does. She feeds people. And my whole career is based on the way my own mom nurtures and coaches, and the way she has always done this for people in her life, with myself often in the front row, taking notes.
  4. From the moment you sign up, I begin to pray for you. I ask Angels to cover you with extra grace and blessings. I picture your heart chakra glowing green and open, and your crown chakra glittering and golden. I know that for many women who come, this is a bit scary, and so I ask Archangel Michael to stand by your side and to protect you at all times during this experience.
  5. Understand that the next day you may be, what’s the technical term….. oh yes–POOPED. It’s normal. So many stuck emotions and heavy things we carry around (like it’s our job)—get moved, washed away,  and keep going right down into the earth where they can be absorbed and transformed. This is big stuff, darlings. It’s the energetic comparison of running a marathon. So be gentle with yourself the next couple of days.

I’m so thrilled to be doing this work, that most days I can hardly stand it. It’s truly amazing to facilitate meetings with women who laugh, cry, connect, and discover how joyful it is to FEEL–when maybe they have been wearing a few coats of armor to protect themselves for as long as they can remember.

I’ve also begun work one on one with women who want to get some tools from my tool box. I’ve been studying happiness so long, I can’t even FIT all my tools in a box anymore. And so I share them, and understand why I’ve been doing all of this research for all these years and WHO I was doing it for, besides myself.

Lisa Heggen Carr

Living my very best life has been my passion, and even if I make it to  99, it will still be my passion. The only thing I’m more passionate about, is helping others to find that sweet place of intentional and stubborn gladness, that I truly believe God wants for all of us.





I’d call it a workshop, but that’d be a lie.

Calling all women of Dell Rapids and the surrounding areas!! I want YOU to come to a thing, that many might call a workshop, but something inside of me says, no no no. women are tired, they don’t need to work more. They need to rest. And they need to learn how to rest. 

And so.

I will not be promoting any workshops any time soon. What I will be suggesting though, is a REST-shop.

And so now, you are probably wondering what on God’s green and buggy earth I’m talking about. A rest-shop? What is this? Is this some new multi-level marketing thing I’ve missed?  

I’m quite sure you have NOT heard of this my little friends, and that’s because I invented it. Yep. Some of you may know, I’m a mom, and a writer….but an inventor?!

Yes siree bob.

And wanna know why? Cuz I see this as a need. I feel it as a need within myself. Women are craving soul companions. They are hungry for stories from other women who are brave and struggling, and messy, but mostly brave, because here they are–continuing to show up for life with hopes and optimism. The women I’m thinking of are so tired of the lower energies of gossip, and competition, and judgement. And they want to know a different way to be in the world. They sense it’s there, in fact, when they get quiet, they know. But then Billy has a soccer game, and there’s work, and supper, and who on God’s sunny and hot earth–has time to drop out of any old, easy habits of living?!

Maybe tomorrow.


I mean, how DO you find soul companions? An ad in the paper would look sort of like this: Woman looking for deep conversations, and listeners who hear between all the problems, and have solutions that make a soul glow.




Easy breezy, huh?

I’ve had this question (how do you find soul companions) posed to me enough times to know–it’s a THING. It’s something that I’ve heard: I love my  friends and family, but at the same time, I want to connect in a different way. I want to live my life more on purpose. 

So, I won’t claim to be an expert on this, but I will tell you that I’ve been very blessed in my life. I grew up and was raised by a Master Life Coach, who cleverly disguised herself my mom. She did all her work out of our small kitchen, at our  kitchen table on the phone, or sometimes she went to people’s houses. Through my child’s eyes, it looked like she was just having coffee, or chatting on the phone. But it wasn’t so. She was listening to problems, chewing them up,  and spitting out comfort, reaching for a hand and offering a different way to look at the world- new tools for her friend to put into her tool box.


My Quinn, holding my Mom’s hands that have done so much working and loving.

And she does this, still.  I have a feeling she will do this until her last day. The coffee is always on, and she is there bustling about, writing letters (another form of her coaching), cussing out the squirrels she feeds, who pay her back by eating her flowers, (little stinkers)….or  sitting on her deck enjoying the farm that she and Dad worked so hard for. And when people drive by her house, they find their car turning into her country lane. They are drawn to that kitchen-to that beautiful woman of faith– who they can rely on to listen to them, quiet their thoughts, and come up with a plan.


Oh. And she always feeds them. We cannot forget that.

I learned something so precious from that momma of mine: We women stick together. We support each other positively, and in a way that grows each of us. And so, is it any wonder, that my two best friends I’ve had since the age of 7, are still two of my best friends who I continue to grow with spiritually? I learned how to seek out depth from a very early age. I saw how my mom did this, and I followed suit.

And over the years, I’ve continued my search, and I’m so happy to report, I have more soul companions than a girl really deserves-who I share my life with. And I want to do this for other women. I want to provide a space where women can connect deeply, and meaningfully. I want to take my Momma’s kitchen and transport all the amazing love energy that lives there and bring it here.

My Vision

I want to hold a 3 hour REST-shops for women where we:

  • join together in a loving, spirit-filled environment
  • give a voice to the hard stuff, uncomfortable stuff; to the icky aspects of life
  • learn new ways to deal with the old problems
  • make our very own spiritual first aid kits that we will take with us wherever we go
  • honor our own strength and persisterhood
  • take our place, as the healers of our families, this community, this earth
  • enjoy some rest, relaxation, fill our bellies and our hearts

Do you trust me?

do you trust me

When I came out as a Life Coach, I didn’t want to call myself that.  My dear Mary, from Your Joyful Life is a Life Coach, one who coached me during my life in Rapid City, where my Mom’s kitchen was 500 miles away, I had two little kids under the age of 2, and where long distance was actually a thing, and one we couldn’t afford. She stepped out as one of the Angels hiding in plain sight in my life.  I’ve learned so much from her, and I continue to. She’s helped countless people get through hard times, start their own thriving businesses, create soul-filled ceremonies and celebrations, and maybe her biggest achievement? She’s a momma who has raised two beautiful grown up children with her equally amazing husband.

And so. Who am to put myself under that same label, thinks me. So I fumbled around and  came up with happiness coach, soul masseuse, inspiration coach… which my mom said, oh. okay.  HUH?

And then. A blog piece dropped into my lap that said: When you write, write for the lady on the bus. It’s not that she’s dumb, not at all. But she’s tired. Get to the point.

I wish I could find that piece again, to give that person credit for turning me around. I know everyone’s tired. And so I’ll stop trying to send hidden messages; or causing people to google SOUL MASSEUSE– I won’t fool around, ok? I’ll talk plainly: I still want to be all those things….happiness coach, soul masseuse, inspiration coach…but it goes under the heading of Life Coach. People have heard of that at least, even if they don’t know exactly what that entails. 

Hi, I’m Lisa Carr. I’m a daughter, a wife, a mom, a teacher, a writer, and a Life Coach.

I did it.

I said it.


Questions you might have:

  1. Are you qualified for this?  Did you get a certification? Yes. No. Let me explain: im not afraid i was born to do this
  2. Is this gonna get weird? Yes. Let me explain: im into spiritual shitLet me explain more: Some of the places we will go, may very well be completely new to you. Not sacrificing-animals-new (please laugh right here or this will be super DUPER weird, and not in the good way), but new to you, nonetheless. Things that will probably come up: Meditation, of all kinds, and yes it may include chanting. Journaling, visualization, EFT tapping, affirmations, vision boards,  yoga (as in the body movement, and not just the pants-both of which I highly recommend), and tears. Yep. Get comfortable with them, feeling them sliding down your cheeks, watching others wipe them away. Be prepared for REAL, a common side effect of watching yourself or others connect to their own soul and sense of wonder.  If you’ve been living in a margarine life, where everyone is JUST FINE or oh my GOSH so BUSY….it’s ok. But get ready for the taste of real butter, ok? What it’s not: wallowing, 70’s group therapy where we wear our wounds like badges, strange vibes, and we will not be singing Kumbaya . Well, probably not. No promises there. I think we can all agree, it’s a good song. 
  3. Will I get anything out of this? A resounding YES. Or not.  Let me explain: in the end the loveIf you walk in with an open mind and heart, I can guarantee that you will get your money’s worth…and more. If you walk in, with arms crossed in front of you, waiting to be convinced, or with your guard UP…you will probably leave with the same stuff you walked in with. Make sense?
  4. What if I just don’t want a group experience? I hear ya. We aren’t all wired the same. With that being said, I would love you to give this a try. And with THAT being said, I’m also totally cool with individual coaching, and will be offering that also. I find one on one coaching to be an amazing way to work intensively on your personal goals and dreams. 
  5. Is this religious? No. Here’s the thing. 

If you have followed my blog writing for the past 6 years or so, you know that I’m passionate about spiritual growth and development. I spend more money on these books, online classes, and programs than I do on shoes, people. I’ve been on a quest, one I will be on for the rest of my days here on Earth School: How to Live a Good LIFE. One where I give what I was made to come give. One where I enjoy all the goodness the original Artist, the mystery we call God, made for me. One where I learn to love all of the people in my world with no agenda, or expectation, just pure, open LOVE. This isn’t about religion. This is about love, and it matters not what you call God. You can call it LIFE, or UNIVERSE….or whatever. Really. You hearing me here? This is about no judgment, or categories. It’s about women, coming together, to honor that still, small voice inside of themselves that has grown tired of the shallows, and longs for the deepest depths of the ocean.

we mend each other

Will you join me? I’m saving you a seat.

With so much love in my heart,                                                                                                           Lis XOX


Tapping, and I don’t mean dancing

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This post has been a long time coming. I can’t be sure if it’s because I was afraid of what people might think…if I actually put it out there, or if I was sort of enjoying being in the know, while other people weren’t? Sort of like being at a buffet and realizing that no one but you realizes there’s a tiny French chef in the corner with a torch preparing personal little dishes of Crème Brule’.

For whatever reason, I’ve kept this little nugget knowledge to myself, but now realize I just can’t. After all, we are all humans, doing this grand experiment of life, and we just can’t keep secrets that will help other humans in a major way…. can we?

I came to know of an amazing family, through one of my favorite, and most cherished mentors, Dr. Wayne Dyer. It’s the Ortner siblings: Nick, Jessica, and Alex. They’ve taken a technique, called EFT tapping, or meridian tapping, and brought it out to the world in the most non-woo-woo way possible.

psst! are you guys clicking when the text is a different color? If you click, it takes you to a website that explains what I’m talking about in detail!

But here’s the cliff notes for all of you NON CLICKERS….>>>>>>: girlthinking1

Dr. Wayne Dyer: Really cool guy, has since passed Earth School and has graduated to Heaven. Is probably the reason I don’t hate everyone who pushes my buttons or annoys me.. Has definitely changed to my life for the better through his books and meditations.
EFT, otherwise known as Emotional Freedom Techniques, is a type of Meridian Tapping that combines ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology with startling results.
Tapping can help people overcome  many issues. From pain relief, to healing childhood traumas, to clearing limiting financial beliefs, to weight loss, body image and food cravings, to fears and phobias, Tapping is proving to be a powerful, well-researched and easy to learn and apply technique.
Tapping utilizes the body’s energy meridian points by stimulating them with your fingertips – literally tapping into your body’s own energy and healing power.

So now I’ll tell you a little story, get comfy and gather round. Ever since I’ve learned about tapping, I’ve felt like a witch right out of Harry Potter with a magic wand. And like any magical person, why be a muggle, when you can be magic? jo.jpg

And so, I set out experimenting on anyone who wouldn’t say no all my favorite people. Quinn, my youngest, aged 9, developed a horrible infection in his hand, from the monkey bars at school. His hand started to puff up and streaks of red ran up into his arm. It was bad, and actually required a shot in his little patootie along with some strong antibiotics. Because everything always gets worse at night, he laid in bed sort of whimpering and not sleeping. There’s  only so much whimpering and not sleeping a mom can take, you know?

So, I tapped on the meridian points for Quinn, and just asked that he repeat my words. We acknowledged the pain and the swelling, along with the throbbing and the worry that all of this caused.( It’s so human of us to think that we will always feel horrible and never feel better.) And once Quinn seemed a bit calmer, I began reminding him that his body knew exactly what to do, much in the same way a body does not need to be told to beat a heart, or blink eyes, or heal a scratch. As I tapped on Quinn’s little face and chest I would say (with him echoing), I can go to sleep now, my body knows what to do and how to fix my hand. God made my body, and God energy fuels my body, so that same energy will heal me as I sleep.

Hand to heart my dear readers, Quinn began to yawn right after repeating these words, and couldn’t keep his eyes open. I covered him up, tiptoed out of his room, wondering how long this would last. You guys. Not only did Quinn sleep through the night, but his hand was so much better the next morning! And here were his delighted exclamations:

Mom! You know that thing you did to fix my hand? On my face and chest and stuff? It worked!! It did! It was like Morse Code for my body….or something!

I’ve since used tapping on many others, including myself, and found it to be one of the most amazing things ever. I don’t pretend to understand why it works, but I don’t really know how the internet works, either, and I use it 24/7 pretty often.

The thing I’m most interested in right now, being a former Early Childhood teacher, is how it has the power to change the lives of children, especially in a classroom setting. I can’t cliff notes this video, so just grab a Starbucks and watch:

Tell me you are not AMAZED. Just try. This is a thing. And it has been used with the children of Sandy Hook Elementary, thanks to the Ortners, to deal with post traumatic stress and upset over the horrible ordeal the teachers and children endured. It is powerful magic in a very muggle world. I want to give you an opportunity to buy this book for your children, because how many times as a parent have you said, I just don’t know WHAT to do, or HOW to help my child? The power to change everything is quite literally in your hands.

Click here to shop

The world outside of our homes can be hard to deal with, and why wouldn’t you put a wand in your child’s hand if you can?



The thing about learning this easy technique, is that once you know it, you know it. It’s forever in your toolbox, along with anyone you teach it to.