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No, this isn't MY SPACE. I tried every which way to take a SELFIE. I gave up. Resorted to ole' phone in the mirror trick.

No, this isn’t MY SPACE. I tried every which way to take a SELFIE. I gave up. Resorted to ole’ phone in the mirror trick.

Knock knock! Anybody home? I know I’ve been gone for a bit….where IS everyone? It’s like a ghost town around here!

Wow. I have some work to do. I need to go find my friends!!

I’m kinda scared.


FRIENDS!!! Yoooooooooooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

To be continued in the following edition, entitled: Lisa returns, for better or worse.

All Rights Reserved*

All Rights Reserved*

All Rights Reserved* (Photo credit: no3rdw)

I just clicked on a picture that I found on Tumblr. It took me to the Photograher/ Artist’s Website that took the photo. Just for fun, I right clicked on the photo, as if to download it, and THIS is what I got: Continue reading

I’m appalled

Dear WordPress:

I’ve done some investigating. I started thinking it odd, that the bloggers that I go visit and leave little comments for, were not saying anything back to me.

How rude!

Well, sometimes there is nothing to say,  and a return comment is not called for. Kind of like the bit of craziness that prompts people to send a thank you card for a gift they received in person.

I’m all about manners. But come on.

The comments I’m talking about, are the kind where you ask a question, or say something so fabulous, you can’t wait to hear what they said to THAT.

I used to get a notification when those bloggers would talk back to me in my comments.

No more.

Are you ticked off at me? Are you trying to get me paranoid?

Ok. I mean more paranoid.

Is it that Freshly Schmesly  post where I got a little sassy?

I do apologize.

Please fix my notifications. Cuz it’s really hard to remember all the blogs I hopped around to.


Lisa Freshly-Pressed- To- Complain Carr ♥

P.S. For any of my friendy bloggers…if it appears I was ignoring you in one of your replies..I wasn’t. I was in the corner crying because I thought you were ignoring me. Which is kind of like Romeo and Juliet. Tragic and sad.

P.S.S.S I wonder if I’ve been put on a list because I’ve spoken out against WordPress. I’m contacting the lady in this article. If SHE has ever complained about WP, I think I may be onto something.

It is well with my soul

I had 3 straight days of no cell phone use. I was in Timbuktu, snuggled safely in our camper with 2-3 children at a time. My husband was out on the water, re-enacting A Perfect Storm ( you know, that movie with George Clooney?)My eldest boy sometimes braved the water with him, but other times joined his brother and sister and me. Under the covers, eating popcorn, all while watching Mama Mia and 3:10 to Yuma.

Yes. Everything in my life connects with a movie.

And, it was pretty wonderful. My husband and I talked. About stuff other than our kids. I heard my children’s laughter, and it seemed sweeter somehow. I noticed small things, that I tend to miss while connected to my tiny phone/computer.

And I want to keep with the spirit of that back here. Because I noticed, Pinterest got along just fine without did Facebook…even Ms. B!! ( My blog. I give everything a name.) If you get a few diet cokes in me, I’ll tell you what I named the plants in our house.

So. Less is more is my new motto.

How do you all juggle all the Socialness (I totally made that word up, but I like it ) of our times? How do you strike the balance? Or is it just me that needs Timbuktu every now and again?

I really loved this♥

Brigitte's Banter

I’ve been in the blogging world for almost four months now, so I don’t claim to be an expert at this way we find ourselves communicating in the 21st century.  I do, however, consider myself a gracious and nice human being and try to extend courtesies when someone takes the time to acknowledge my work.

With that in mind, I’ve come up with a few tips that I believe all bloggers should keep in mind when they have something to say, whether that be from their own writing or when they comment on others.

1.  Find other blogs that you like and comment

I’ve found those blogs by exploring, sometimes through Freshly Pressed blogs, friends’ blogs or just by accident.  If I find one that I think is interesting, funny or inspiring, I make a comment.  I figure if they’ve taken the time to write something, I can do…

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Sittin on the dock of the bay.

I actually have some followers. This goes under the heading…….Unexplained  Phenomena. While I don’t prefer to turn cartwheels just to get oohs and ahhhhhs…and rather I cart-wheel because I love’s the same with my blog. When I’m writing..I’m a happy camper. So I really should just be doing it for that, and that alone. But I cannot tell a lie.


Which is sometimes a big problem, like holidays with surprise presents and during tooth fairy time  for my children. I love getting feedback, and as I told one of my friends that is awesome at encouraging me… I seem to need more than the average girl. So..even though I can’t take time to write everything I would love to tell you right now, about Project Give, my epiphany about blogging, and how I’ve confirmed that one of my friends was indeed Type A bloodtype,  I KNEW it!!!!..I can’t. I’m rushin today. BUT..I don’t want my fantastical followers to be stuck looking at the same page….so: I give you this little guy.

He's pretty stinkin cute. I'm not sure why, but he makes me feel peaceful, less rushed. In my mind..he's Mr. Toad from Wind in the Willows...and he's contemplating how his life went awry when he started driving.

There’s actually a video on youtube. It’s kind of fun too. I’m really not sittin on the dock of the bay..wasting time..I assure you. I have a lot to tell you, very soon. Until then..:)

p.s. If you watch this video…I want your reaction. But you can only use one word. GO!

Day 4

Shhhhh!!! The littles are all sleeping. And our larger than normal standard poodle  lazily surveys my typing with one eye open, as if to say, wanna go back to bed? why are we awake? Today is a holiday for my school age children, and I don’t expect to see them bright-eyed and bushy tailed  anytime soon. My preschooler, though, will be pattering up the stairs at any moment, so I must rush. Because today is their day. My children’s, that is. I woke up knowing my gift for today, and it is my time my absolute no distractions or cell phones kind of time….the one thing I seem to not be giving as much as I could be.

My older children( age 12 and almost 11) were born 17 months apart. My days were spent on the floor, mostly, with both of them, delighted by their very existence….glad to have an excuse not to be cleaning the house, or doing other mundane domestic chores. What could my husband say? He knew all too well the consequences of leaving them to their own devices. What one didn’t think of, the other one did. I could yarn many a tale for you about this, and I probably will someday, but today I’m in a bit of a rush. Because today is theirs.

We had our third child 5 years later. He was the best surprise I could have ever dared to dream of. And I noticed that I still spent quite a bit of time hanging out on a carpet that desperately needed a good vacumming…but not quite as much. Violet, my oldest…took over the baby’s care quite often with a suspicious look in her eye that gave me the impression she didn’t altogether trust my mothering skills. The baby, our Sonny, was mesmerized by his older brother Klaus, and he needed to do nothing more than his normal boy behavior to entertain him for much longer than I would have guessed possible.

I’m not sure when it happened, when I crossed over from everything being about them, to my start of a more me plus them existence. Maybe it was the day I could take a bath by myself again. Or head to the gym  at night without getting a call..ummm. honey? could you please come home? Sonny won’t take a bottle, and Klaus won’t stay in bed, and Violet is upset about all of this.  But, it’s gotten all too easy for me these days to go on about my normal activities of Pinterest, housework, cooking , showering, working out to Leandro’s Brazilian Butt Lift…because they’ve grown up a bit. They are occupied with friends, the many electrical devices in our home, books, hobbies..eating. There’s a lot of eating going on. My daughter grew an inch in one month. An inch! It seems to require a lot of food.

So today’s post is a prediction of what I’m giving.  I plan to be off the computer before any of them come padding out to the kitchen. I will squeeze my bum bum with Leandro before I hear any Mom!! I’m hungry!!’s Because..I intend to make it their day. Do they want me to take them to the zoo? Unquestionably. Do they fancy a picnic lunch in the park? Absolutely. Will they ask me to take them for a bike ride? Certainly.  Will my 5-year-old ask me to play Candyland? Yes. He’s obsessed with Queen Frostine. And today, there’s no..just a minute’s or not right now’s. Today is  just a resounding YES!

P.S. $20 says my older two have plans. That didn’t include me. That’s ok. $20 says they can still be bribed with ice cream.

My business is to create

Well! I’m working on the design of my page over here at carr party of five. I actually have a few friends that have been bribed gracious enough to take a look for me and give me some much needed validation. But in alerting others to this new real estate of mine, I feel like I’ve said..Party at my house tomorrow!!! and then suddenly realized I’ve done it again. I’ve jumped the gun.  I look around in horror at the grape jam stuck like glue to the side of the cupboard, the windows that no bird would ever mistakenly fly into, or the carpet that our dog puked on, because he ate a whole stick of butter. Again.

So, I run around like a crazy house cleaning ninja, barking at anyone not helping me in my quest for fake perfection, trying to only focus on what people will SEE. …they probably won’t go to THIS bathroom…if I were a guest, I would choose THIS one. You could call it bathroom cleaning roulette. Cuz goodness knows I don’t have time to do em all. Cuz the party is TOMORROW.

And that’s what I’m doing on my page today. I told people to come.  And it’s not even close to looking like the picture I have in my mind. But, the good news is, my children aren’t getting yelled at for sitting down on the couch with their feet on the coffee table. It’s just me, up in the early hours before anyone else, moving widgets and drinking coffee. Feeling happier than ever to be creating. I love quotes…and this one seems to sum it up:

I must create a system or be enslaved by another mans; I will not reason and compare: my business is to create. -William Blake
I could fool you, and try to make you believe that I read that one wintery day, while sipping tea in front of a roaring fire. But I won’t. I saw it in P.S. I love you. Those words took root in my heart. That’s what my blog is about.  I really hope people love reading it as much as I love writing it. I’m not a professional writer, but I believe people can sense energy. And I can tell you, my energy is happy, warm, and high as a kite when I am creating. Just a quick request though.  If you are coming to my house, please don’t use the bathroom off of the family room. I didn’t have time to clean that one. Because I was watching P.S. I love you. Again.

Job Application

I haven’t filled out a job application in a long time. But, if I had to prove my worth for this “Blogging gig'”….I would say this: I have 40 years of experience being a daughter to the most wise and wonderful Mom.I have only eight years of being a sidekick to the world’s most patient Daddy. I have 40 years experience of being the little sister to three girls that share my past. I have 37 years of experience being a friend to so many people  that let me be a part of their lives.  I have nearly 22 years of experience being a wife to the boy I have loved since I first saw him at age 14. I have 18 years of experience teaching children. I have 12 years of experience of being a mom. Which in the end, is all I ever really wanted to be. I’m not great at Math, but I think that adds up to 169. Which sort of makes me a vampire, except that I crave Diet Coke instead of blood. Anyway, it seems like more than enough experience to be writing about. At least for now.