P.S. I Love You

Dear, I Thought I'd Drop A Line
The Weather's Cool
The Folks Are Fine
I'm In Bed Each Night At Nine
Ps I Love You
Yesterday We Had Some Rain, But All In All I Can't Complain
Was It Dusty On The Train?
Ps I Love You
Write To The Browns
Just As Soon As You're Able
They Came Around To Call
I Burned A Hole In The Dining Room Table
And Let Me See, I Guess That's All
Nothin' Else For Me To Say,
And So I'll Close
Oh, By The Way,
Everybody's Thinkin' Of You
Ps I Love You
I Do My Best To Obey
All Your Wishes
I Put A Sign Up
Think Now I Got To Buy Us A New Set Of Dishes,
Or Wash The Ones That Have Piled In The Sink
Nothing Else To Tell You, Dear
Except, Each Day Feels Like A Year
Every Night I'm Dreamin' Of You
Ps I Love You
Ps I Love You
Music by Gordon Jenkins,lyrics by Johnny Mercer.
Sung by many, but none like the great Billie Holiday