You’re so Vain, You probably think this Post is about YOU

And it is.

I’m a blessed girl. I have wonderful friends in this BlogLand. And, I didn’t see that part coming. I was a  recovering Facebook/ Text- Aholic looking for another outlet for all these WORDS inside my head. I didn’t expect to cyber meet awesome folks from all over the world, and to feel like I know them, and even more, that THEY know ME.

Photography by Sarah Wilmer

For whatever reason, I have a loyal bunch of fellow bloggers, and I keep getting nominated for awards. You guys know who you are. And I love you to the moon and back. When I see my award, and that someone highlighted ME on their page, it’s like Christmas morning, age 7 when I got that really cool dollhouse  all over again.

Usually these awards have rules, like nominating other blogs, and then telling about yourself. Which would be super fun, except for the fact, that I do have my I GOT FRIENDS  page already. Those are the peeps that I would nominate.

And then, the fun facts about yourself. I am blushing here, because it’s kind of like asking Oprah to tell us for the 300th time about her weight loss experiences.

I’ve already covered ME. Good golly, do I LOVE to talk about ME. Let’s list all the posts that are about Me, MYSELF, and I.

  1. About (obviously. I don’t fault myself for that one. Everyone is supposed to have one of those)
  2. I’m a Mermaid
  3. Confessions of a Silly Girl
  4. I love……..
  5. A Few of My Favorite Things

Oh my. I’m stopping. This is more than even I  had realized. Plus, we are getting into territory of OLD posts. The ones where I was oblivious to PARAGRAPHS. I don’t want you guys snooping around those.

Anywho, back to my lovely friends. You guys are the BEST. I was just bragging about y’all on someone else’s blog today. Thank you so much for the attention. It’s gone straight to my head. In the words of Avril Lavigne..Oooohhh Ooooooh ooooooh….you’re so good to me….baby. Baaaaaaaaby. She also sings about wanting to lock you up in her closet. To be clear, I’m only referring to the You’re so good to me part.

Ah heck. Do you need to hear this song? Fine. But don’t get any ideas about putting your hand in my pocket. Again: It’s JUST the You’re so good to me part that makes any sense with this post. Also, ignore the name of the song: HOT.

I’m sliding down a slippery slope here.