Teacher Boy

Teach me how to do that.

To stand alone and face your fear head on.

I see your face, unreadable and calm,  but you must tell yourself something.

What is it?

I need those words to live inside my heart, too.

How old are you, really? How many lifetimes have you seen?

To be able to do that thing you do when everything doesn’t go like you wanted.

From where do you summon that courage?

Maybe you can’t tell me, and I will understand;
sometimes learning must come through watching.

So, I’m watching my beautiful boy.

Teach me.


11 thoughts on “Teacher Boy

  1. Sounds as if your beautiful boy is inspiring you. I wonder if there’s a lesson there for you to learn. Could be…those things that won’t leave us alone are usually the things we need to pay attention to the most.

  2. I think the same thing sometimes when I look at my son. Stoic, inscrutable and calm – but it’s all going on in there. He’s not very good at putting his thoughts into words (poor boy, he’s like his father) and he gets annoyed if I try to draw out what he thinks. All I can do is be there and wait.

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