Be Still My Heart


Hugh as Wolverine. Super cool guy.

les misHugh in Les Mis. Like OMG.

hugh jackmanHugh’s words.  I’ve just fainted.

hugh jackman picHe’s off the charts for me now. OFF. THE. CHARTS.

Pay attention men. Watch and learn.


5 thoughts on “Be Still My Heart

  1. Right on! What I love about Hugh is how freakin’ nice he seems. It doesn’t appear that he’s let fame go to his head and he still remembers that his family is number one. If that doesn’t scream sexy, I don’t know what does.

  2. omg. I have just had to sniff my smelling salts to recover :). I’m not much of a movie star watcher, but Hugh…and he’s Australian ;). AND he meditates! Swoon…

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