There’s More than One way to sing Adele

Dear Readers, You know how I’ve gone mostly to Facebook…cuz I can get my writing done lickety split? It’s good, and quick….but it’s like the microwave version of writing.

I love baked potatoes out of the oven. The skin gets shiny and perfect, and the inside is like mashed potatoes at Sunday Dinner. When you stick a spud in the microwave though? It’s mushy. Yes, you can eat it in 5 minutes, but is it worth it?

I usually decide that unless I have an hour for the oven, I skip out on the tator all together.

I just can’t seem to decide what I’m doing: Facebook, or WordPress? I noticed another blogger called…”We are THAT family“. She has over 10,000 likes on Facebook, and her blog is pretty famous. But even she often gets just a handful of LIKES on posts, videos or statuses that she writes. It seems like people use Facebook for quick scans, but not for reading anything longer than the paragraph on the back of a cereal box.

Take this awesome video: I promise you, it would not get ONE like. And seriously, how amazing is this?! Sing baby girls, SING!

It leads me to wonder…is Facebook like Quickie Sex, and WordPress like making love? Could I possibly come up with more metaphors besides ovens and sex?

To be continued…………………………….


10 thoughts on “There’s More than One way to sing Adele

  1. For the life of me, I can not figure out why your stats will sky rocket but you will receive very few comments or likes. Did they not have time to comment? Did they not like your post enough to “Like” it? I just don’t get it, but at the end of the day I chose to do this blog thing because of me, not for likes or comments. Blogging challenges me and I truly enjoy it and the rest is arbitrary!

    • Dear Life,
      Thanks for your comment. I have heard that often…”Write for yourself “….and I do, of course. It’s good advice for sure. However, wanting to get feedback from others is definitely part of it for me.
      Otherwise, I’d just get a pretty diary to write in.
      Love, Lis

  2. Hi Lis,
    Hadn’t realised you’d gone mainly to Facebook. Did notice you weren’t posting as much on here though!
    That said, I haven’t been getting much time to post, or read, much on here lately, so it’s good to catch up on your blog!

  3. I do the Facebook thing at times, but in my experience most people don’t want to address anything serious on Facebook. They are more willing to have their thoughts provoked in a blog — though even that is “iffy.”

    • Dear Hugh,
      Our social media is so interesting, isn’t it?
      I guess you have to be SO GOOD…people can’t NOT read you, huh?
      I’m working on that.
      Thanks, as always, for your insightful comments!!!
      Love, LIs

  4. How good are those little girls? Such big, big voices 🙂 Would I have watched this on fb? maybe, depends on how much time I had. When I am blog reading though, I have set aside a block of time, like this morning, usually because I need to catch up on a back log of them – and part of that is to click on the links and watch the videos. Both of them are good – so i use both 🙂

    • Dear Sara,
      I’m figuring out the whole business of organizing my time. Before, because I was so behind in laundry, housework, and other household things, I just couldn’t justify my blog time.
      I can now, and so I think it’s safe to say….
      I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.
      Love, Lis

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