Is it the end? NO! It’s the BEGINNING!


I have a million and seven things I should be doing right now, but I had to get our Christmas card made. (Yes, it’s totally cliché’ and complete with a dorky poem I composed, but I did try to just include candid pictures, which seems a little more natural than all of us sitting on Santa’s lap with elf hats on.)  But In order to do this, I had to download the pictures of our trip to the Riviera Maya. Which led me to this picture I took one day while in Mexico. We were sitting right on top of the Mayan Ruins, probably walking over the graves of the very  Mayans that have caused such a fuss by making a calendar that at first glance, leads one to believe we will all spontaneously combust in a couple of weeks. For some reason that makes me think of Will Ferril singing ♫Dust in the Wind♫…”All we are is dust in wind….”

Anyway. I pride myself on not being one of those people who freaks out and buys gallons of water and dehydrated cheesecake.  HOWEVER. This 2012 thing did cause me to wonder a little bit, I must admit. I found this sign on one of our travels last week, and it made me breathe easier. I mean, here we are, in the land of the Mayans, in 2012…..and if THEY say it’s all good, I’m planning on taking it to the bank.

Feel better?

Me too.

To INFINITY! ……………..and BEYOND I say!

P.S. I have so much more to tell you about. Stay tuned, but only if you want to hear about Mexican tooth fairies and jellyfish, and people who don’t latch the door when peeing on airplanes.

19 thoughts on “Is it the end? NO! It’s the BEGINNING!

  1. Dear Lis,
    This makes perfect sense to me. The human who is emerging, in my view, is one who understands that I am a perfect expression of the divine having a human experience, that my divinity informs my humanity, that there is no separation between the divine and the human. And I’m so happy to be making this journey with you, my friend, in whatever fashion we do so! xoxoM

  2. At 11:11 today the weatherman told me it was 12/12/12. My receipt from sending packages was $33.33. I should have bought a pick 3 ticket but chalked it up to the “new beginning.” 8)

    • Dear Sara,
      When I saw it, I stopped in my tracks and said a silent thank you to the heavens. Until I saw it, I had no idea how much I had been worrying about the significance of 2012!!!
      Love, Lis

  3. Dehydrated cheesecake? Yum sounds nice. I just wandered over because I haven’t had any updates from you in a while. Seems my WP reader doesn’t like you, grrrrr. Plus you’ve been busy dealing with unlatched doors and the end of worlds. Hope you’re well and don’t have writer’s cramp from writing a million cards.
    I’m waiting to hear your stories. I could tell you one about people peeing in the airport cubicle opposite without closing the door! :S

      • Well it’s official. WP reader still broken for me. I had this problem with some of the blogs I was following. It even went in a forum because WP doesn’t do emails for support. The “support” was inconclusive. Now it’s picking on your blog to not send me updates from 😡
        Happy New Year though ❤

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