This is my Winter Song to You

Is Love Alive?



8 thoughts on “This is my Winter Song to You

    • Dear La La,
      Those photos ARE awesome, aren’t they? I’m back to my stealing ways. tsk tsk.
      And that song….I JUST got introduced to it a few years ago. LOVE it!!! I’m actually quite obsessed with it. My poor children.
      Love, Lis

  1. Is that what winter looks like at your place? It’s so beautiful – so different from here! The funniest thing – I nearly put that very same photo of Little Women on my blog yesterday – I was looking for photos of things i wished i was , but unfortunately am not. I still love those books 🙂

    • Dear Sara,
      Yes! These pictures represent South Dakota winters very well! And, I too wish I could be Marmie!!! ahahhaha!!!! Transceldentalist, giving, wise….the whole shebang!
      But, you are quite fantastic, and so am I. Just cuz we can love appreciate those books.
      Love, Lis

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