♫You say it’s your Birthday…na na na na na♫

It’s my birthday too! And you guys are my birthday indulgence. So, thank you! I haven’t been able to justify sitting down and blogging as of late. Even now, I am surrounded by chores of all sizes that are screaming and yelling, and nagging on me much like my Kindergarten teacher from long ago with the scary twitchy eye.

Be quiet Mrs. TWITCHY! I mean, chores.

I’ll get to ya…it’s my birthday!

I get to do what I want.

That’s right.  I turn into my 8-year-old self on my BIRTHDAY!!

I literally have 32.1 minutes sandwiched between obligations to write this post, and so please forgive me for not getting to my fabulous commenters from earlier posts, and not looking at any of your fantastical blogs. I’m trying to figure out this juggling act of Mom/Teacher/Friend/Chauffeur/Exerciser/Healthy Eater/Healthy Cooker/Writer/and a whole bunch of other roles in which I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to fill.

But I must confess, I find myself fascinated/annoyed at those that can pull all of it off. Were those folks just born with brains that are wired for efficiency?

I didn’t get that model. My brain tends to flit all over the place, kind of like one of my little preschoolers today that told me gleefully..”I have to keep moving! There’s so much to do!” as she dropped the book she was looking at and skittered off toward the easel that was waiting for her to paint her next masterpiece.

I really don’t know why organization and all things orderly goes against my very nature, but I’m fighting my chaotic tendencies like a bucking bronco. And some days I win, and most days I don’t.

But, back to important stuff, like my BIRTHDAY.

My Mom called me first thing this morning. And she told me the story of my arrival into my family, as she has done for my whole life.

The Highlights:

I was her surprise, her blessing, her gift from God.

I came right on time.

I was perfect.

My Dad confessed that even though he had 3 girls, and everyone expected him to want a boy for a change, a 4th little girl was exactly what he wanted.

I was doted on my sisters, and drug to every high school event, passed from person to person.

I was spoiled by all my Mom’s and Dad’s friends who no longer had small children.

I was adored.

It all gets to me to thinking, what if every person on this planet had the gift of being cherished like this from the very beginning of their lives? What if they were reminded of it every time another birthday rolled around….and other times when they really needed to hear it?

I could be crazy, but I think it might be the beginning of world peace.

Thank you all for your continuing patience with me while I ride the bucking bronco of my helter-skelter brain. I appreciate it more than you know.♥Cheers!


34 thoughts on “♫You say it’s your Birthday…na na na na na♫

  1. helter skelter brain.. haaa Glad you popped in to write. Happy Birthday and yes, you are very lucky to have such a wonderful and loving family. Cherish it.. always
    good luck with the efficiency thing..
    Scrabbled Eggs For Brains

  2. Dearest Lis, Happy birthday! I agree with you, lifelong adoration = world peace. I know you’re doing your part in your neck of the world, and I’m spreading some adoration out your way from here! xoxoM

  3. Happiest of Birthdays to you! Cheers and have a Diet Coke.

    On a side note and not very birthdayish. What you said about being cherished from the beginning of life could bring world peace is interesting, and amazing. I agree! I saw Looper recently and my husband and I were talking about it after and he explained there are people who theorize that if Hitler {he was comparing the evil guy in the movie to him} had been loved and nurtured {or as you say cherished from the beginning} when he were younger that the Holocaust would not have happened. It makes me wonder too…

  4. Happy anniversary of your 29th Birthday. I just had my silver anniversary of mine. Keep us laughing and occasionally needing a tissue with the poignant moments you pen. You are valued. Thanks, BTG

  5. Hey Lisa! I just found your blog and have to tell you how blessed Brian and I were by “The Highlights”. We are the proud parents of four daughters. Our little surprise is so fully adored by her sisters and exactly what we wanted! There is nothing more special to me than seeing Brian with his four girls! Thanks for sharing!

    • Dear Heather,
      How lovely to have you here! I can just see Brian with FOUR girls!!! He reminds me of my Dad, with his easy going way. (You have to be, to be surrounded by all the ladies of his house!!!)
      Thanks so much for your words, and for finding me. It is much appreciated.
      Love, Lis

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