……….Honey? Can you take the baby?

Speaking as a  three-time weary mother of a newborn who longs only for a hot shower and empty arms  for 5 minutes…this works.

I’m totally cool with this attempt at multi-tasking.

Thanks honey.


6 thoughts on “……….Honey? Can you take the baby?

  1. my daughters’ baby books are filled with such action shots.. whatever works is right. Although now they are huge gamers

  2. I can relate. I used to let my kids fall asleep on my chest while I watched some sport event or movie. Of course, as I write this, I remember the time I had my second child asleep on my chest and I heard a small whimper from what turned to be my oldest child. The older one had decided to climb over the upstairs rails and was dangling into the living room realizing his mistake. Everything seemed to be in slow motion as I put one down, got on chair and grabbed the older one. My wife was wondering why I was white as a sheet when she returned. Then there was the time….Great picture, BTG

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