The Road Less Traveled

I march to the beat of birdsong under this Queenly CottonWood tree, and she murmurs a shy hello to me every time.

Sometimes I confess sadness and worry to the fairies hiding in the grasses and fields.

They listen quietly and go to work dissolving all my thoughts that do not belong.

I can’t see them with my eyes, but I can feel their magic.

I find myself turning onto a different road and wishing I could find a way to steal this very color and texture for the walls of my house,

so that I could feel like this all the time.

I wonder who lives in this meadow of rich grass and earthy perfume.

Do they know how lucky they are?

Do they wake up every morning and thank God/Goddess/Universe for this unexpected grandeur?

And then I remember that it doesn’t really matter.

It’s enough that I see it everyday, and that I give thanks.

This time out here feels stolen, and precious.

When I am here, it is hard for anything but these moments to exist.

I smile at my faithful partner gamboling along side me, pure joy in motion, and there is so much love for this life that my heart could burst.

These are the places I will always return.

*only listen to this song by Drew Barefoot if you want to be filled up to the top with happyness*

Mud in our Eyes*

**All pictures taken with my phone. Not bad little Droid. Not bad at all*


32 thoughts on “The Road Less Traveled

  1. I forgot to tell you — your new gravatar is great! I’m guessing that you and your husband? That big laugh certainly reflects your abundant and gregarious personality here on the blogosphere. Wonderful!

    • Dear B,
      haha!!! Yes! That’s me and hubby. Although, I’m not laughing. I’m preparing to BITE his neck. Because in this picture, we are at a costume party. And you know my love of TWILIGHT!!!!!
      :)Thanks for noticing!!!
      Love, L

    • Dear M,
      The road brings out this voice. I like it, too♥
      The only thing, is that it causes me draw more inwards…and I find myself blogging less and less. Not sure what to make of it, but I’m so grateful to know you will always be here♥
      Love, L

      • The inward journey is important, Lis. The blogging journey will resume in due course. I’m looking forward to the accounts of your experiences, my dear, exploring friend! No worries…just be! xoxoM

  2. First off, did I enter my comments in the right post? I enjoyed the words and images. You don’t see the world “gamboling” often, so enjoyed your use of it. I am glad I can still remember what it means. Life is great and thanks for showing us your walk. Well done. BTG

    • Dear Bt,
      hahahha!!!! Yes. But as I’ve said….WHERE ever you comment is cool.
      And….the only way to describe my puppy out there in fields and meadows…is to say he gambols!!!;)
      I can be in the grumpiest of moods, and just can’t stay there long, watching him.
      Thanks, as always, for your amazing support.
      Love, Lis

  3. Since you are not on facebook anymore and I love you so, I’ve spent time (when I should be working out) digging through your archives (which is probably the best way I could have spent the morning anyhow). I’m sorry I was once one of those friends who didn’t make the jump to another window because it was one more click and I was too busy/distracted/already buzzed out over too much technology.

    Don’t ever stop writing. I love your voice.

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