My Imaginary Friends

I’m a reader. An avid one, at that. I love stories, and I think part of the reason I do, is because I have a really good imagination. When it comes right down to it…I think that’s the difference between people who like books, and those who listen quietly without adding anything to a conversation centering on books other people have read. They have READ the words….but maybe the words don’t really transport them to amazing and wonderful places, as they do for me, and others who love books. It’s a hypothesis.

Which leads me to this post. I get a picture of people in my head, ones I read about…and it seems to stick with me in a powerful way. Even if Hollywood tends to disagree with me, and insists on making a movie with the wrong actor, I still cannot change the permanent image that stays stuck like a Wal-Mart price tag on plastic.

Consider Harry Potter, and Professor Dumbledore.  I’m not quite sure what they were thinking….but this is and forever will be the famous and perfect  Albus Dumbledore in my mind’s eye as I read the amazing story JK wrote…over and over and over.

Ian McKellen as Gandalph in Lord of the Rings

And then, there is Twilight. Some huge mistakes were made there. For this one, I have to show the current boy they have cast as Jasper, to give you the full in the face shock of the pig’s ear these casting directors make of choosing actors.

For all you NON Twi-hards, Jasper is supposed to be a HOT southern gentleman that make woman drop their pantaloons at the sight of his HOTNESS.

…..I KNOW, right?
Consider MY choice:

Howdy, lil Lady. Oops….looks like you dropped somethin there….

and don’t even get me STARTED on Carlisle:

Ho Hum.

Wanna see the PERFECT Dr. Cullen? I thought you’d never ask.

Oh Look. It’s Brad again! How’d THAT happen?!

I don’t know…maybe somehow he could play BOTH characters in the same movie. It’s a detail, really…..

And finally: My blogging friend Brig. You know, from Brigitte’s Banter? I love reading her awesome wordy wonders , and she comments like a rock star on my stuff ALLLLLLLL the time with thoughtful and brilliant remarks. But, she doesn’t divulge pictures of herself. And, so…I’ve had to come up with my own image to play on the screen of my inner eye. Here’s what’s happened. My friend, Kim, a lovely lady on Facebook who is not only primo coolio as a person, but is a FREAKIN BEAST because she is a Beachbody coach…has BECOME Brigitte.

Maybe it’s because they both have a way with words, they both admit to being blonde, and I know them to both be tiny. Either way, I’ve melded the two fantastic ladies into ONE Superwoman- Pull-up- Push-up Queen- Author-Hottie.

Brig, what are you doing with TONY HORTON?! Are you writing his next book? I KNEW it!!!

I don’t want to brag, but I think it’s clear that I really do have quite a fantastical imagination. For any of you Hollywood peeps out there, I’m available Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays after my Yoga class and BEFORE the coffee shop with my girls.

And I’m super expensive, but totally worth it.


33 thoughts on “My Imaginary Friends

  1. Love it!! I know JUST what you mean about the wrong actor in a movie. You’ve seen what I look like, but I chopped off all my hair and have a pixie cut now – just so you can keep track and not turn me into Meg Ryan. 😉

      • 🙂 I just saw this comment – I don’t know HOW I am missing all these comments. Hotter than Meg Ryan – that is high praise! 😉 And yes, I think she probably has me beaten in that area. Thank goodness I don’t have much practice with that. 😉

  2. Lis,
    You are a crazy but beautiful lady. First of all, I’ve got 10 years on you. And yes, I was very tiny once when I was a nutjob amateur bodybuilder many, many moons ago. But I’m not tiny nor I am a larger lady. I’m average and I try to work out on a pretty regular basis. My hubby tells me I have an excellent bootay, so I do have that going for me at least. But thank you for that gorgeous imagination of yours — it is quite fantastical and I’m very flattered.

    P.S. (there is a pic of me on my About Me page btw and on my Linked In page. the one on my blog’s been up since I started blogging this year. I snapped it from my computer and it’s a little fuzzy but I’m more than okay with that.) :). You’ve got some pretty awesome wordy wonders yourself.

    Thank you, you sweet girl and Brad Pitt — trust me, I’m right there with you. ooh baby.


    • Dear B,
      Silly Me!!!! I thought I had delved into all of the corners of your blog. I will have to look at your ACTUAL picture.
      Baby got BACK, huh?! I personally think this is an important quality 2nd only to gorgeous eyes, which I KNOW you have.
      Thanks for allowing me to reveal my crazy imagination with you as a central character!!!!
      Love, Lis

  3. I am an avid reader too – and I think you may be right about the imagination thing. I don’t watch many movies, and never of books I have read, because I can’t deal with the different interpretation. Did you ever read Chocolat and then watch the movie? Groooaan.

  4. Cutesy post! I have to say I was disappointed with a few more than you regarding the twilight cast, but I do imagine Brad would have fit well as Carlisle. Too bad…there’s always fifty shades, right?

  5. Oh Lisa!!! That had me laughing out loud! But I totally agree with you on the Twilight casting!!! Throw in Rosalie as well!!! The actress is pretty, but Rosalie is supposed to be drop dead gorgeous. Again – Brad Pitt should play her part!

  6. Awesome post, Lis! Why can’t Hollywood just get it right when it comes to casting actors for film adaptations? I can’t even imagine what they’re going to do with the “50 Shades” franchise. Me thinks you should start reaching out to directors immediately so mistakes like the Jasper/Carlisle debacle will never happen again! 🙂

    • Dear La La,
      It’s hard to go wrong with Brad. Although, I do harbor a tiny bit of resentment towards his choice of ditching my Jen to go the strangeness of Angelina. But it’s something I can get over.
      Love, LIs

  7. hahaha this really made me laugh, Brad Pitt as both Carlisle and Jasper. But I do agree with you, sometimes Hollywood doesn’t get it. I too am completely transported into a new world whenever I read a book. I just hope they don’t cast someone like Robert Pattinson to play Christian Grey, the character deserves a hotter-manlier-better actor [like Ryan Gosling or Tom Hardy, wink wink]

  8. I’m not the only one!!! I have this issue with books, but more often with music. I listen to an album, fall in love with it, and of course, imagine what the lead singer looks like. I’m always wrong, and it makes me heart sick. The disappointment became so difficult to endure that at one point I REFUSED to watch videos with Le Clown. I like my little inner world thank you very much. I don’t need reality ruining everything.
    As for fellow bloggers…I’m so with you.

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