Girls Weekend!

I love my blogging ladies. LOVE THEM. And I have a dream. Let’s meet here….for a weekend of blankets, cocktails….and wicked laughter. The leaves are changing…the air is crisp, and the beer is cold. Who’s in? With this amazing bunch of ladies….there’s no telling what could happen!






Maggie O’C?





La La?

Lipstick Ladies?

Love and Lunchmeat girl?



Madame Weebles?

NOW. Listen here. I could have forgotten you. Don’t take it personally. Do you remember me telling you the story of time I lost Littlest for 10 whole minutes? At Age 2? This is the kind of lady you are dealing with. So, if I did…add yourself to the list..and get yourself out to the cabin. Drinks and appetizers at 6!

We need to organize. I’ll bringΒ the booze. What are you guys bringing?




48 thoughts on “Girls Weekend!

  1. Would I be forgiven for bringing some knitting? I’ve never brought my knitting anywhere before, including my own dock o’ the bay…but it’s getting chilly around here and I’m going to need to wrap up warm………………………….?

      • I’ll throw in some lemonade of course…when is this big fest anyway? I’m getting hungry reading everyone’s food offerings! I think I need to bring my own huge mug and plate so I can grab everything without having to get up all the time…I’m greedy me, if you haven’t yet noticed… πŸ˜‰

        • Dear Lemony,
          It’s this weekend….it’s NOW! So get your tush over here with some refreshing lemonade!!!
          Is it spiked?
          And yes, think big. We don’t need to get up any more than is necessary. There’s no sense in that!!!
          Love, LIs

          • So I thought it was one of those where everyone had to post something for a weekend, but if not, then I’m going to rustle up my yummy carrot cake…I was thinking some if my pink berry lemonade, but I hear there something else sparkly that’s on offer I believe would go lovely with it if you’d like it spiked in style…I’ll ask Laura πŸ˜‰

            And can we also play scrabble? If you put down words shorter than 4 letters long, you have to do a dare…I’d be careful about spiking your drink, playing my version of scrabble and leaving that back door open…. πŸ˜›

  2. I’m there, Lis. I’ll bring wine and food — pineapple upside down cake sound good? Let’s play charades as we’re drinking and finish up with poker. That kind where you stick a card on your forehead. But no dialing or blogging while drinking….nope. We do have to get back to our schedules eventually. :).

  3. Lis!
    Count me in!
    I’ll bring the champagne/sparkling, some macarons (made a great bunch of passionfruit ones the other day) and then I’ll also bring a big pot of colcannon soup and a fresh bread…it is cold after all. πŸ™‚

  4. with bells on πŸ™‚ I’m bringing food and music…what about middle eastern finger food finished off with baklava? I can so see myself there with you lot. Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Count me in, Lis! I’ll bring a nice apple pie like my mother makes with the sweet cookie crust and ground walnuts, and piping hot Wicked hot chocolate from Jacques Torres, spiced with cayenne, ’cause it’ll get cold eventually! xoxoM

  6. That would be SO fun!!!! I’ll bring Argentine wine and amazing Colorado pastries from my favorite coffee shop! Let’s get the Karma Truck and Magnolia Beginnings and Talk to Diana too!

  7. this is tempting even for a hermit such as myself… do extremely shy blushers really fit in? Someone would have to drag me out of my house but once I m out, I am in. I want some of M Weebles lasagna. I’ll bring fresh warm bread….

  8. Sign me up for baked goods, Lis. Warm chocolate chip cookies, mini cheesecakes, fudgy brownies, you name it. Coincidentally, I’m currently having a girls weekend with my college roommate who’s come to visit. And she brought brownies!

  9. As I’m Aussie, I might show you Yankies how to bbque….I might be late as it’s a bloody long way to fly…but I recently sat on a deck exactly like that one and had the greatest fun….I’m in in spirit!!!

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