You remind me of my next baby girl

.............if only in my dreams.

10 thoughts on “You remind me of my next baby girl

  1. A cross between a little old lady that has to tinkle and a wounded warrior. I paraphrase, but that is priceless. There was a famous NY Mets shortstop named Bud Harrelson. He said his “ready position” was leaning forward on the balls of his feet so he could move forward or sideways quickly. As a young boy I tried this and proceeded to fall on my face. Sometimes you can be too ready. I can assure of all the people reading on the Internet today, this may be the only athletic crouch one. Best wishes, BTG

    • dear Bt,
      It cracks me up that you are on the wrong post.
      Thanks for the comment….I like you so much, YOU can comment ANYWHERE you want.
      Love, Lis

  2. I’m gonna comment on this because I think you should know this one completely spoke to me. I know that “If only in my dreams” feeling – I am not able to have children…and so this beautiful girl and kitty make me feel the same way- and make me happy!!! 🙂 I’ve kept the email in my inbox…so that I can go back to this post and smile anytime I want. Thank you for putting my feelings into pictures in a way I never knew was possible 🙂

    • Dear Jodi,
      I love love LOVE that you have done that.
      Thank you so much for telling me that.
      And remember…sometimes our dreams have a funny way of coming true. Because, here it is: we don’t have to figure out the “how”…we just have to figure out the dream♥
      Love, Lis

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