Instantly Instantly Never Never

I have exactly 20 minutes allotted to myself………for time on the computer. I couldn’t choose between posting a new post that has been waiting patiently for its day in the sun….or visiting only 1/4 of my lovely blogging friends. (Cuz that’s all 20 minutes gets me).

I chose to post, and now I feel guilty. On top of all that, I’ve found that for my favoritest bloggers EVER….that were on the INSTANTLY list…to come to my phone INSTANTLY…had to be relegated to the NEVER. And it felt like a slap across the face every single time I clicked that little pull down menu, and chose NEVER.

I’m so sorry dearies. Here’s what’s happened. Something changed, and I couldn’t comment or LIKE  from my pico telofino. Not sure why, but I blame WordPress….and my crazy meniacle Droid phone is highly suspect. I think it could be haunted. I turn it off, and out of the blue, it turns itself back ON. It’s pure evil dressed up pretty in a cool pink case.

And then, THOSE instant people, were nowhere to be found in my READER.

See the problem?

I’m very sorry Instant people. I’ve turned you to NEVER…and if you can sense that energy and are troubled about it, please know I had no choice. Kinda like the guy that had to leave his friend to die in that big meat freezer. I forget the name of that movie.

AND….now that I’ve used up 18.3 minutes typing this little wonder, I have no time to read your bits of loveliness.

Blogger? psh. Blogger Schmogger I say.


22 thoughts on “Instantly Instantly Never Never

  1. Wow!! 20 minutes – that would be tough to pull off, but I am quite sure my hubby would be glad if I could do it! Good for you for scaling back. It can be insanity if we don’t reign it in a little from time to time! My phone turned on automatically while we were in Berlin and I was so afraid it was gong to cost me thousands of dollars just for turning itself on – those critters have minds of their own!!

  2. Lis, we’ll all wait for you to wander over when you have another 20. Have a relaxing time and pop open one of your ice-cold, ever present Diet Cokes. All is well, friend. 🙂

  3. It’s fine to take a little break from the WordPress frenzy 🙂 I usually allow myself 2 blog reading sessions a week. It can take ma about 2 hours but at least it’s limited to those 2 moments…

    • MIss Sue!!!!
      You are the best.
      Guess where I found this lovely particle?
      Thank you so much friend!!!
      I’ll go to the ends of the spam for you.
      Love, Lis

  4. I feel guilty when I cannot get to my favs as much as I want. I find myself reading two or three posts at a time trying to catch up. Writing in 20 minutes would be tough for me, so I applaud your ability to record something in that time. I would still be on the third paragraph. Take care, BTG

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