The Diet Coke Fairy

Yesterday, I was out running errands, and my stomach started to cave in on itself from hunger. I was near Qdoba, one of my favoritest places to eat ever…and decided I couldn’t live without their black bean concoction of yumminess, and the fresh lemon wedges they offer, to put in your Diet Coke. A definite plus in the fast food world.

I got clear up to the front, had already paid, when I noticed they now offer a WAMBA size cup.  I’m thinking of my long afternoon and evening…and how much easier it will be to get through because of this huge cup that will administer caffeine to me continuously, like an IV drip.

O happy day!

Hey! I cried happily. Bigger cups! How awesome is that?! Can you upgrade me? I was already opening up my billfold, ready to pay the extra 45 cents, or whatever it was, when the guy throws me a blank, expressionless stare and with seeming smugness  replies:


I’m not often rendered speechless, but Hello Kitty, I was out of words.

We were stuck there, he and me….in a place where time doesn’t exist. I think I may have been waiting for him to do a take back, or something. Waiting for some common sense to hit him upside the head, and say, “Wait. Of course I can. Put your money away silly woman! You come here all the time! You are a valued customer! Take the Big Cup!

Luckily, a woman behind me ended the stalemate.

Oh for the love of PETE! Give the girl the big cup! Are you kidding me right now? Put the difference on MY bill!”  And with that, she reached over, grabbed the WAMBA size cup and cooed, “here sweetie. I bet you were picturing a great big Diet Coke, weren’t you?”

I nodded and smiled dumbly, like a little kid that has just had their balloon rescued.

Shame on you people! …….Ridiculous!” she continued to the guy, who mumbled something about there not being a KEY for upgrades.

She came over as I was filling up my bigger than life cup of Diet Coke Chemical Goodness and we giggled together. I thanked her, and we both shot evil, piercing looks to the idiot guy behind the counter.

I always wondered what the Diet Coke Fairy looked like.

Now I know. She dresses to the nines and has awesome boots….and she don’t back down from NOBODY.


35 thoughts on “The Diet Coke Fairy

  1. No one should ever EVER try to get between a woman and her Diet Coke. I’m having my first right now and I panic if I can’t have it. Thank gawd for the DC Fairy! So glad we found each other!

    • Dear Maggie,
      hahhaha!!! No! “NO one should ever try to get between a woman and her DC”….That is awesome!!!
      Can I steal that for a facebook status?
      I found you on Sincerely Slapdash….who I just adore. And you had me at sentence number 1!!!
      I’m so glad to have found YOU!!!
      Love, LIs

  2. Awesome story! I haven’t been here for way too long 🙂 Wow, the diet coke fairy is superwoman with proper dress sense! Hey, we should hang out, because if there were any upgrades going you’d have all mine. I can never finish the smallest fizzy drink (probably to do with the lack of sunshine here or something), I don’t even want to know how big a WAMBA is!

  3. What’s a few calories? – I’m a coke girl.
    Why does Diet Coke sound so much better that “I am a coke addict”.
    Peeps look at me funny, and stare at my nose.
    I DO take it with me in the bathroom, but OFF MY CASE. lol

  4. Hey hon——it’s 4:07 now, and my last post (that I just now did) shows as posting at 9:06. The day IS flying by, but…………….

  5. Lis, you are such a delight. You can make a trip to get a gi-gunda Diet Coke entertaining. Drink it up, you freaky girl with a jones-ing for Diet Coke. The mayor here is trying to make it outlawed that sodas can be over 16 oz. People will just buy two. Jeez.

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