King’s Cross

This kind of magical thinking keeps me reading Harry Potter over and over again. J.K. says this story just “dropped” into her head, and all she could do was write it down as fast as it came.

I believe this story comes straight from the mind of God/Goddess/Universe….whatever you want to call it.

Her books are treasured by all in this house, and will always have a place of honor on our bookshelf.

Long Live JK Rowling, and all the words she blesses us with♥

19 thoughts on “King’s Cross

  1. Sorry for being so cerebral, it’s actually true that our minds don’t know the difference between what we imagine to be real and what is real with our eyes. That is, our brains are machines and believe what we think!

  2. Dear Lis,
    Harry is much loved in our household as well. My daughter has yet to read the last book because she can’t bear for the magic to end. I think she’s just preparing herself to continue the magic in her way…we’ll see…xoxoM

  3. I don’t have children so I’ve never read this and my sis who has two said I need to read this. She goes, Brigitte, you’re a writer, you should read this book!!

    Maybe I should. The little except you showed sounds very interesting……

    (amazing about J.K. Rowling, though….unemployed mother and now she’s saying: How ya like me now??) I love a success story like that.

  4. ah, brilliant, any posts about Harry Potter make me happy! I flicked open the Philosopher’s Stone there the other day and found myself just drawn back into the world again- I sighed happily and willingly went!! 🙂

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