Spam: It’s what’s for dinner

Bacn vs Spam

I’ve been here and there and back again. I just popped onto ye old dashboard to find my spamming folder full to overflowing. I’m not sure what’s going on, but the nature of my spams seems to have shifted.

It’s gone from:




I am baffled by the whole spamming thing anyway, and how it works. What do these people hope to gain? They remind me of the folks that line the strip in Vegas. They stand there and flip horribly vile pictures on these tiny cards at you of naked ladies wearing barely even their skivvies….and the look on the poser’s  face is either one of shock…like… I just stepped in my yard and saw a snake!!! or one of intense happyness…like…What?! you got me a vat of chocolate fondue for my birthday?! And…all of this while they are in positions that any yoga teacher at the gym would applaud.

It seems like everybody walks by them….some people wasted oblivious, others distracted….still others totally annoyed by someone putting pure trash in their face….but there is always ONE….that takes the damn thing. ‘Spose that’s what spammers are hoping for? Just ONE tool to actually click on

Anyhow, I deleted my whole post on 50 Shades of Grey, because I suspect that when one writes about S-E-X…that draws those spammers in like Paula Dean to fake butter.

I intend to write about nice things like puppies and hearts and flowers, because if I’m gonna be spammed, I may as well enjoy it.

Am I setting the bar too high?


18 thoughts on “Spam: It’s what’s for dinner

  1. It,s kind of crazy. But spamming must work for them or they wouldn’t do it.
    I do wish I could not get the pornographic stuff.
    Seems if you can put your phone on a no sales calls list you should be able to get the computer on a no spam list.

  2. I’m sure they get clicks or views. WP spam collection is pretty good. I just write what I like and leave the spam up to WP. Empty my spam list without opening any.

  3. Sorry, but that’s the price of popularity. Your blogs are catching on and spammers seem to sniff it out. Mine, on the other hand, arouse only the slightest interest! But I do appreciate the spam filters on WordPress. They help.

  4. Lis, it’s so weird, isn’t it?? I get the sex aid spam things to and have no idea why, but it probably was the 50 shades of grey thing. Ew. Enjoy your week! xxoo

  5. Dear Lis,

    I got the sex aid spams from a post called A Summer Salad, or something innocuous like that. Maybe they thought I needed a little protein in my post? So now I do the equivalent of dumpster diving – making sure none of my friends are in there – and then deleting the rest!

    Ah, well, my work seems to never be done! lol xoxoM

  6. Lol I seem to get lots of marketing for strange contraptions like water filtration systems…I mean what?? But in my email, I’m definitely not one to lose out on receiving suggestions that I enlarge my manhood. That always makes me chuckle and hit empty trash at the same time 😛

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