It’s to you I will always return

I saw this picture, and couldn’t help but put it with Bryan Adam’s words:

*note: I cannot credit a photographer, but I am in awe of what they’ve captured here.


16 thoughts on “It’s to you I will always return

  1. That is the neatest thing. This reminds me of the only good experience I ever had in an airport. I was flying from San Antonio to Springfield, MO. I got all checked in and was sitting at my gate when I noticed there were all sorts of people standing around holding signs and balloons and stuff. I was really confused until the plane we were getting ready to board un-boarded. All sorts of Soldiers came pouring out and everyone started clapping. It was really amazing.

      • Yeah, I actually got to be one of those people when my brother got back from Iraq in 2006. It was our local airport, so not as many people were there, and I think he was the only soldier to come off of the plane. The Governor of Missouri was there though. That was pretty cool.

  2. Beautiful. We all need to remember this. These are the one percent taking care of the rest of us and they deserve our respect and honor always. xxoo, Lis. Lovely pic.

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