Pretty Little Liars…listen up.

We are honoring my dear friend, Dotty Headbanger . She has reached 500 followers, but WordPress forgot to give her an award! I’m sure they get busy, but 500 is kind of a big one to miss, don’t you think? We can’t have that.

Party at my blog!

Are you wondering how I got this icon? Wonder away little friends.

So…get behind some balloons. Be quiet as a mouse, or as my friend Lemony Snicket likes to quiet as a MIME….because as it turns out, mice can actually be quite the little noisemakers.

Another thing: As soon as she gets here…do NOT yell surprise. She’s not into surprises. And don’t look at her, or ask her any questions…you’ll just tick her off. Don’t try to chat her up, she’s not exactly a chatty hermit.

Here’s what you do:

Hand her your offering of Cumberland Sausages and Diet Coke, bricks and cash. Yes, bricks. And then….


Got it? Good. This is Dotty’s party, and we are doing it Hermit Style.

If you are coming, please push the sparkly button below to RSVP. You better come. If Dotty finds out I invited you, and that you didn’t come, she may curse at you, and make her evil Jemima doll stare at you wherever you go.  I wouldn’t recommend it. And don’t tell her about this party. It’s a secret.  Better lock it in your pocket.



20 thoughts on “Pretty Little Liars…listen up.

  1. Lis, you are a sweetheart. I’ll have to check Ms. Dotty out. I’ve never received any of those cute buttons so Dotty shouldn’t feel that left out. (Also, I’m with Roly, answer please).

    Freaky little song — where’d ya snag that one?? xxoo

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