She and Me

My beautiful Firstborn in Mexico♥

She and me share

contact solution

a love of Seinfeld



She and me are going to be




spokespeople for Nutella.

She and me can

make each other cackle without saying a word

trust that the other is telling the real truth,

roar at each other in anger

and tear up in regret.

She and me will

spend hours in comfortable silence

or recount stories from our day.

The good kind, with uncannily accurate  impressions of other people.

She and me are

Mom and daughter first,

friends second,

soul companions forever.

30 thoughts on “She and Me

  1. OMG how beautiful!! My mom and I are very, very close and I’m glad to say that I’m nurturing that same relationship with my own daughter as she grows. the world needs more moms like this!

    • Dear D,
      That is wonderful to hear!!!
      And I know these years get tricky. I’ve decided I’m not going to be cliche’ about it. She and I will stay close, and there’s no need to follow the “rules” that say we have to hate each other. I can’t control everything, but I can control my own attitude about our relationship♥
      Love, Lis

  2. Lis, well this is just so beautiful I’m choked up about it. Your daughter is gorgeous from what I can see. It’s so nice to have this kind of relationship — this is what most girls want from their Moms and vice versa, but for some reason, it doesn’t work out that way sometimes.

    Girls look to their Moms to know how to take care of themselves. I’d say she’ll have a great role model for that. xxooB.

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