Brigitte Brigitte Mo Migitte Banana Fana Fo Figitte

Deutsch: Brigitte Bardot Werbefoto

My pal Brig.

 I had a wonderful plan yesterday. My friend Brig also gave me some awards, on top of all those other ones that poor confused lovely bloggers thought I should get.  I didn’t mention her in my Aunt Avis post, because I was going to do a post just for her. I maneuvered it so that her post would be my 3rd of the day (teehee! oh the cleverness of me), because when she nominated me, she called me a MANIAC…..the good kind that sometimes posts up to 3 posts a day! (It’s true. Isn’t that horrible?)

I sat down with my Diet Coke in hand, and was primed to write a lovely piece about her, and poke fun at her calling me a maniac (which I totally am by the way), when my Middler asked me to go outside and play ball with him. I haven’t seem him all week now that he’s in prison school, so what could I say? And from there, the night went crazy.

Anyway, this one’s for Brigitte: (she likes this one) And I adore her, because she’s the bee’s knees if you ask me♥

Carla Bruni singing:

01 Quelqu’un m’a dit

13 thoughts on “Brigitte Brigitte Mo Migitte Banana Fana Fo Figitte

  1. Lis. This was soooooo cool with your trademark, exuberant flair and thank you, sweet, sweet woman. You are a maniac (and I mean that in a great way). That’s what I am too, btw. What’s the saying: Well-behaved women seldom make history.” I’m just sayin.

    Oh and that pic, that’s EXACTLY how I look whilst I’m studiously writing a post or some other brilliant prose. ;).

    The song — PERFECTION — I want to drink wine, eat crusty bread and lie by the ocean with hubby now.

    You’re wonderful. A delight. Cher ami. xxoo

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