You Can Let Go

I tucked him in bed last night and told him when he woke up, it would be the first day of school! He reminded me that he wanted to wear his Batman shirt, not the glow in the dark one, though, the NEW one.  I walked up the stairs, and remembered he needed a lunch. I ran to our small grocery store before it closed and ran back home and started cooking up a feast. The Middler came out for a drink of water and wondered what in blue blazes I was doing…….at 10 pm. I explained that Littlest needed a good lunch for the next day, and asked him if he would like to reconsider NOT eating school lunch.

Middler had to think about it. Middler is in MIDDLE SCHOOL now, and bringing a lunch from home could have the potential for making you UNcool. Plus, he knows I tend to send notes inside food, my own little version of a fortune cookie from the Universe.

Have a super day!

Don’t forget, be yourself!

Kids that eat fruit are happy kids!

I dropped the Olders off, who quickly spotted friends and gave me a half glance as they hurried off. As we drive towards the Elementary School,  Littlest tells me he has a really good way of finding places: it’s called WANDERING. Except I thought he said WONDERING. And so I am quick to explain that I will walk him to his classroom, no need to wonder.

If it weren’t for the fact that I was as twitchy as a turkey on Thanksgiving this morning, I would have found his evidently-I-have-to-talk-slower voice to be adorable and funny:

NO-no- NO Momma! WANDERING. See, I WANDER around, and pretty soon, I find my place, see? It always works.

I’m taking you to your classroom today, I fired back flatly.

Littlest kept fiddling with his backpack. We have A LOT of stuff in there today, as I’ve planned for every eventuality: extra clothes in case of an accidental milk spill, a water bottle to avoid chlorinated, flouride-inated,  germ infested drinking fountains, and a  portable bomb shelter…for obvious reasons.  And so I supported the bottom of the backpack to take some of the weight off his tiny body. Finally he stopped dead in his tracks.

MOM. You can let go now.

It stopped me. Yes, I can, and it is time. This poor little kid has done everything he knows to get me to back the cuss off, already! And I am hovering, and fussing, and annoying the crap outta him.

So I smiled, commented on his muscles, which made him smile….smooched him up and watched him go.

My friend, Sarah, who I love dearly, quoted Dr. Seuss today, and it made me happy:

Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting….so get on your way!

21 thoughts on “You Can Let Go

  1. OMGosh, Lis. You brought back perfectly the memories of my boys leaving for school – then leaving for dates – then leaving for college – then leaving home, ect.
    Hope he has a great first day. And YOU, too.
    Love ya sis

  2. I’m thinking of you today, Lis and like you said big girls don’t cry but I think you can today, so just go ahead and have yourself a good one. And, your littlest one, well “Oh the places he’ll go!” xxoo

    • Dear M,
      Isn’t he the sweetest?
      I think that’s why it’s so hard for me to let him go. He talked to me about profound musings of his little mind all DAY LONG!
      It’s so quiet in this house.
      But, I’m doing ok, almost time to get him.
      Love, LIs

  3. Awww… I spread some happyness to you? For all the good that I have enjoyed from you, my friend, I’m thrilled to see Karma is workin’ her magic just like she is supposed to. All that you give is coming right back at ya, Lis.

    I LOVE that your little has stepped away from the fear and has the self-confidence as a kindergartener to embrace life’s curiousity to have the courage to “wander” himself where he needs to be. That is awesome. I had the pleasure of traipsing through 6 European countries for a few weeks before I was chained to my desk (I mean started my working gig). There were many times on that trip that some might have described me as being *LOST*. But that is a scary thing to be, especially in a big, bad foreign countries where I didn’t speak the native tongue…(probably a lot like going to your first day of elementary school). My traveling partner and I refused to be “lost”. When we found ourselves in such circumstances, we would describe ourselves as BLAZING ON IN IGNORANCE and we would, as most certainly as wandering will do, find our way to what and where we needed to be without the fear and panic and vulnerability of being lost.

    You can let go now, mom. He’s got more skills than many adults I know. May his wanderings through this life be fun and full of adventure and take him to places we can’t even dream of! 🙂

    • Dear Sarah,
      that is so AWESOME!!!!
      I LOVE that story!
      And I am letting go, because I know you are right.
      His little WANDER story today has been playing and playing in my mind.
      I’m a lucky girl.
      Love, Lis

  4. My oldest begs to buy lunch. My youngest begs us to make it for him… until we give in, and then he realizes chicken nuggets are way better! And he’s happy to buy again the next day! 🙂

    • dear L&L,
      That’s funny.
      I am a weirdo about the school lunches. Ours are all pre-made and nasty. I wish the olders would let me make it for them, but as I’ve said…they are TOO COOL.
      Love, Lis

  5. This is so adorable! I can’t wait for him to come home and tell you all about it — oh probably he already has as it’s much later now. Yay! I don’t have kids but I can only imagine how this felt.

  6. Brigitte mentioned you in her last post, and because I think she’s awesome, I came for a visit 🙂 And I am happy I did. Looking forward to getting to know you 🙂

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