First Day of School

Poor Nemo. What a crazy Dad, trying to hold his poor little fish back. I’m so glad Marlin finally started to figure out that you have to let your kids go OUT into the world….sheesh. Unbelieve—–

Wait. I just heard an ambulance go by.  Were they headed to the Elementary School?!

I have to go now. But not because I’m planning on following the noise of the siren to make sure it’s not headed to school….and not because I had a wild hair to just do a little stroll by the school, because it’s recess time.

That’d be Cr–A——ZY.

That’d be ME.


7 thoughts on “First Day of School

  1. Lis, my wife used to laugh at me when I slept on our babies floor when they had bad colds. I now have number two going off to college, so I make suggestions now. Good luck on the siren – it probably went on down the road. BTG

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