Big Girls Don’t Cry

Myself and I… we got some straightenin’ out to do.

The Littlest starts Kindergarten tomorrow, and he’s thrilled.

He can’t wait to play on the playground, and sit in the little desk that has his name on it.

His classroom has a guinea pig named Harriet, who obligingly squeaks anytime one gets anywhere near her little home.

There are many things waiting for him in this classroom, like toys, art supplies, and a gifted teacher; the same that taught my older two.

So…what’s the problem?

Just me.

I’m workin’ on it.

And big girls don’t cry.

27 thoughts on “Big Girls Don’t Cry

    • Dear REd,
      Yes! They do!!!
      But, to my credit…not in front of my kids today. My Middler started 5th grade today, too. New building, and he may have been the most nervous of all! But, I know from my preschool days, if the MOM seems nervous, or sad, the kid starts to wonder if there really IS something to worry about.
      I made it to the van.
      It’s getting better.
      Love, Lis

  1. I think it’s alright to be upset. I don’t have kids, and don’t know what you’re going through, but I still think it’s alright. I know I get upset on those days that my kitty doesn’t great me at the door when I get home. That has to mean something.

  2. Oh, Lis, you’re never too big to cry, sweetie…after you drop your littlest off. Then you acknowledge what you’re feeling. You cry…a little or a lot, whatever feels right. Then life goes on. Love you, lots, sweetie! xoxoM

      • Dearest Lis, when I left my one and only little one at her pre-school the first time, she wailed and broke my heart. I fretted and surreptitiously wiped away the tears at the office all day. Then I practically flew to pick her up and release her from the torture I’d imagined I’d inflicted on her…only to be met by a happy, bouncy child saying “Do we HAVE to go home?”

        I still have that stitch in my heart when I see her go off to do something new…that’s what makes me the mom. And I’m proud of her for every new thing she tries and shares with me…that’s what makes us grown-ups. There’s much sweetness and joy in every phase of parenting…savor them all! xoxoM

  3. My second baby (middler as you know it) is a junior this year…next year will be tough for me. My baby starts sixth grade this week! She is my shy girl but is really starting to come out of her shell…my kids amaze me!

  4. Tears are a release of emotions that run deep to the soul. They carry the physical manifestation of your love and hopes and dreams for that which you care deeply about. Letting them out is sharing that energy with the world where it can do something good.

    Got a lump in my throat thinking of you this morning and thinking ahead to when my baby will be off to Kindergarten next year.

    Quinn – You’re off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So … get on your way!

  5. Hope te first week is going well for your kids and you! Milestone moments are emotional- I hope the days get easier with all the exciting stories your littlest brings home! Glad you are able to put into words those things that most moms feel!

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