The Road to Freshly Pressdom is Paved with Good Vibrations

That’s us up there, top left. Snapper is doing his best impression of Jason Mraz.

Don’t you just LOVE it when people who go from knowing absolutely nothing about something….get lucky and all the sudden behave as if they hold the keys to the universe? It’s like when SmartyBigHead (name changed to protect his big head identity) stared at me with the most condescending gaze a 3rd grader could muster when I asked him why HE always got to be the Class Messenger…the most coveted of Elementary School positions for obvious reasons: hall wandering and free a piece of candy off the secretary’s desk for anyone that could move faster than a slug.  After the longest pause in the world, he had a lot to say on the subject, as if he had dreamed of someone….anyone to ask him this exact question. He went on to explain his greatness, and I gained a sudden understanding of why this kid had no one to play with at recess.

I’m no SmartyBigHead, but I feel the need to relive my whole experience of being Freshly Pressed.  It’s exciting to reach goals….even if you have to exploit an old friend who had no idea they were really a good writer to be a guest on your blog…to get there.  I’m one of those people who likes to replay happy events in my head, like the time my friend, Krissy  just showed up on my doorstep with a Diet Coke from McDonald’s (which are the best kind, by the way) when I was newly pregnant and unable to be in the same room with any kind of solid food. Freshly Pressed/Diet Coke out of the blue: both worthy of a replay.

My friend Brigitte got Freshly Pressed with her very fabulous post, Benevolent Blogging.  What’s this? I knew nothing about being Freshly Pressed,  but crikey! Everyone seemed pretty thrilled, and I could see why: attention, comments, new followers, and lots of people saying, “Congratulations!”,  which is always a good thing.

Then came the awful years of feeling completely ignored and rebuffed by WordPress. (Well, I did only start blogging in March, but it felt like years) And so out of sheer desperation, I wrote Freshly Schmesly. A way for me to channel my woe and rejection into a funny post. In my mind, though,  I kind of gave up while muttering….”HMPH! Freshly PRESSED. Who needs it?! ” I also turned a sort of green color and stole people’s Christmas decorations.

CD cover
CD cover (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wait. Different Story.

Anyway, I threw in the towel.

But then the same friend..FreshPressBriggette wrote another piece about goals..and how we need to keep setting them, and to never lose our childish innocence in our beliefs that we can reach them. By the end of her post, I was buzzing like a bee, and in such a good space, I read a post from WordPress about  Oliver, a guy who had just gotten Freshly Pressed.

I was about inspired as a girl who reads greeting cards for fun can be.

I wrote The Sign , and decided to go all out in setting my goal of being Freshly Pressed. I changed the signature of my phone to read, “Congratulations!”, I talked a lot about it OUT LOUD on my daily walks, as though it had already happened. I channeled my inner little girl, the one that decided to be a monkey bar marvel, and hot damn. It worked!

O HAPPY DAY was written minutes after I got the message from the folks at WordPress. I was on a walk, my spirit flying as high as the clouds, not even thinking about my blog, or anything at all except for how awesome my life is in general, and BAM! It was kind of like out of a movie. I screamed, YES! with so much gusto I startled Frodo, our dog, who minutes before had been on hot pursuit of a suspicious looking leaf.

And the rest is history. Diet Coke has asked to advertise on my blog,  my friend Snapper and I have been offered a talk show, and my book deal looks very promising.*

Congratulations! (my new favorite word)

*Statements may or may not be true, but the author claims her God-given right to dream.

43 thoughts on “The Road to Freshly Pressdom is Paved with Good Vibrations

  1. Look at you shine, girl. You so deserve it and I just bet there’s another FP in your future. I’m looking into my crystal ball and yeah, I see another coming for you. You deserve it, friend and you so wonderful for mentioning me. Thank you for that.

    BTW, I just love the way you write…you meander in such an entertaining way…and I mean that in a very, very good way. Funny, charming and lovely — like you, Lis. xxoo

  2. Hello again my friend, Ive nominated you for Reader Appreciation Award so please go to my last post to read more (you prob already have this award…not sure and I also don’tknow how to upload the actual award logo but you will prob figure it out?)

  3. hahaha I loved the final disclaimer sentence 🙂 I think you’ve inspired me to change my signature to “chillin’ and grillin ‘ homes” [you know, just ’cause I love being gansta and I love me some grilled chicken]

      • I must confess. I have a very similar nickname I give to the usually very attractive newscasters or TV hosts who seemingly have a larger, camera friendly head than the average person. I think Vanna White started this. I call them “pretty, big heads.” To not be gender specific, the guys would be similar to what a columnist who passed away used to call Governor Rick Perry of Texas – “Governor Good Hair.” With my thinning hair, I am very envious of the newscaster locks. Thanks for your post.

        • I am having some writer’s remorse here. I hope I did not offend anyone with my above reply. If so, please forgive. It won’t be my last mistake, but sometimes I hit post too soon. Thanks for letting me weigh in from time to time. BTG

          • Dear BT,
            O no!!!
            I didn’t even see this comment! That’s probably why you were worried! I didn’t reply! Darn WordPress.
            I’m glad I am seeing this one, though!
            No worries buddy.
            You are a nice guy! I love to hear your comments!!!
            Love, Lis

  4. Many thanks. My remorse was due to my mom’s voice in my head, if you can’t say something nice…..not lack of response. Thanks for your note. I like your sense of humor. Take care, BTG

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