Death and Lemons

I would like to introduce a friend of mine, Snapper Ploen. I first met Snap in the girls’ locker room. I came around the corner from yet another attempt to make my hair get as BIG as possible… to find  my friends circled around something. What was all the fuss? Juicy gossip about the Drama teacher?(She was a minx, and all the boys panted after her) A new shade of lip gloss?

It was Snapper. Years younger than the rest of us, and a BOY, one might find his presence in the Highschool Girl’s Locker to be unusual, and cause for alarm. Not us. All we knew, was that his words came out clever and lightning fast, and he had a gift for making people laugh. I guess we knew a rising star when we saw one, which is really pretty amazing, given that we had inhaled enough hairspray to dent the ozone.

I’m deeply honored to have him share his work on my blog. I went all Godfather on him…and told him I’d make him an offer he couldn’t refuse. So, if he ever gets his own little piece of real estate, I will be the first to tell you all. Enjoy his words, they are like the most decadent piece of chocolate cake and the coldest Diet Coke in the world. Sweet and refreshing.

Snapper Ploen, coming to a blog near you.

Someone died this weekend. It wasn’t someone who was my friend or that I knew all that well. It was the guy who I went on my first date with when I moved to Seattle. It was a crappy date. He was very douche-baggy and I remember leaving the date pissed that this was my introduction to the relationship scene in a brand new city. Yes, I am a delicate flower.

<<Insert 10-year grudge here>>

When I heard from a close friend (who also knew him) that “Mr. Rude” had passed away, one would think I would be ambivalent about someone who was not nice to me, or that my grief would be superficial. It wasn’t. It was quite inundating. I felt enveloped by it, and I wondered where it was coming from. He was not someone close enough to have this kind of effect on me and he didn’t have a track record of courtesy in my book. Despite the bitchiness, I did not wish him dead by any means, but let’s just say it is often hard to miss people who trample your feelings. However, peeling back the layers of this reaction, I understood the rationale for it:

Was the date a massive failure? Yes. And was it also a horrible emotional experience? Naturally. But did any good come of it? Why yes, lots of good came from it…

Waiting patiently inside that event were the seeds of many wonderful friendships which would later come to pass.

On the night of the awful date in question, I also met this person’s roommate who would end up becoming one of my best friends. And through that same roommate, I met another individual who not only became one of my most trusted confidants but who landed me a job when I was laid off a few years later. And through those two people, I was brought into a circle of some of the greatest human beings I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. The snake bite itself had become the remedy. So although this person I have shunned all these years did not afford me kindness in our first encounter, he unknowingly gave me a king’s ransom in return. He handed me some bitter lemons and I made the world’s best lemonade – which I am still enjoying to this day. In fact, its cascade reactions continue to bless me with each passing year. For that, I cannot beat his memory with a useless grudge. What I can say is that this person unwittingly performed a miracle for me, and I am most grateful for his life and that he was here.


73 thoughts on “Death and Lemons

  1. Snap, I loved it! Hope it’s the first of many that you share with us! Lisa captured exactly how I felt about you when I met you, too. Lisa, thanks for prodding him and sharing it with us!

    • Thanks Jodi! I really appreciate the good vibes. I loved the intro…I had almost forgotten all my times in the girls’ locker room. I loved that – even back then – no one batted an eye lash. All the girls were always like, “He’s cool. I don’t mind changing my shirt in front of him while he tells his crazy ass stories.”

  2. {I just wrote an amazing comment, but then my iPad ate it…I swear it was that good, and now nothing I write sounds quite right.}
    Welcome Snapper Ploen! Please start your own blog, I’ll be your first follower.

  3. Yes, remember those days…and the day Mrs. M caught him in the locker room…good memories….Great writing Snapper!

  4. Okay, two things here: first, the expression “the most decadent chocolate cake or the coldest Diet Coke” is one of the best expressions ever, Lisa.

    Second, Snap’s piece is fantastic. Beautifully written, thought-provoking, and endearing. He needs his own blog, asap.

  5. Great post! And I love that you shared your space with someone who is thinking about starting a blog. You are a giving soul much more worthy of FP-dom than most of the usual picks! 😉

  6. I read this through twice – I got a bit confused (typical). I would like to ask…is this an excerpt from Snapper’s novel? Is he writing a book? Because this reads like an intriguing opening passage…

      • The only guarantee we can hope for, Snapper, is that they’ll be YOU! Thanks so much for sharing!

        By the way, I stopped by to do happy hula: this is the first offering on the Freshly Pressed page today, it’s under Philosophy. Way to go! xoxoM

  7. This post is beautiful! i love the story and its amazing how small the world really is! Amazing page by the way!!

    Do you mind doing me a favor and checking out my blog? its new and id really appreciate your opinion!
    Thanks so much and congrats on being “freshly pressed” 🙂

  8. Wow. This was absolutely amazing. And this is exactly what I would love more people to realize: Sometimes when you’re in the moment where everything seems to be falling apart, you can’t help but feel hatred and anger. But when you learn to push that aside and look for the good in the situation and trust in the Universe, everything will work out the way it is meant to.

    Great article. You definitely have a new follower in me!

  9. This is SUCH a pretty blog! It just looks so appealing, whatever you’d write about I’d look at, out of sheer amusement at first.
    OK. Now, that that’s out of the way, let me just say that it was also a beautiful piece of writing. In all its sadness, uplifting. Thank you!

    • Dear B,
      Oh thanks so much!!
      I just switched themes a couple of weeks ago. I thought it went well with my “party” theme!
      Sometimes these little balloons get in the way, but I love them.
      Thanks so much for the kindness.
      Love, Lis

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