The Sign

It’s funny the things that come to the front of my memories, and demand to be remembered.  Me–elementary school– being a short little kid staring up at the monkey bars, deciding that I would cross them some day. Only the older boys at my school had achieved it up to this point.

I didn’t think about how long it would take to finally be able to do it. I just kept working at it every day. And one day, I did it. It wasn’t fancy or smooth, but I made it all the way across. And stuck my tongue out shortly after at a bigger boy who said I never would be able to.  And then I went to the nurse, because my little palms were bleeding.

I didn’t care, it was totally worth it.

My friend Brigitte had a beautiful post about GOALS the other day. As a child, she decided she would be the girl who got a whole bunch of pencils for reading  the MOST books. And she did it. She went on to say, that as adults, we sometimes stop setting goals. Why? Because we aren’t thinking like kids do. They don’t stop to consider how old they are, the statistics, or logic of any kind.

They don’t think, they FEEL. They focus on feeling how amazing it will be to do the thing they dream of doing.

Kids dare to hope and dream without fear of failure.

Well, that’s it. I’ve decided I am after the crem de la crem in the blogging world: Freshly Pressed. (Well actually, probably getting someone to ADVERTISE on your page and PAY you to blog is the CREM…but for now…FRESH PRESSING is my CREM.)

I’m doing it. And I MEAN it.  A fellow blogger,  Oliver, has just inspired me to keep dreaming. This post  he did after just getting freshly pressed is FANtastic. It really is.

I’m going backwards here, but the way I found him, was from reading a post the WordPress Fresh Pressers put out. And Oliver commented on the post, saying:

 It took me years of weekly posts to really find my groove. I had years of ~15 hits a week, but I just kept plugging away, for the sake of my writing and well…fun. In that time, I matured, my writing matured, and my readership grew. It’s like fine wine or something.

You know me. I read this, and I took it as a sign. Time to go for the monkey bars again, WordPress style. So, I’m declaring it much the way I did to the bigger boys that said I couldn’t 30 years ago: Watch me.

*The sign by Ace of Base

34 thoughts on “The Sign

  1. Lis, thank you for the shout out to me. You’re so wonderful. Abandon all fear. No regrets, no explanations, no apologies. LOVE THAT SONG.

    You are a inspirational, funny and talented writer and such a kind, sweet soul — only good comes from this. Go swing on those monkey bars and have fun. Be you.

    P.S. (I got on those monkey bars in the schoolyard when I was little girl and fell off from the top. It knocked the wind outta me and after I got my breath back, I stuck my tongue out at those that laughed at me too.) That’s what life is — getting back up after the wind’s been knocked out of you.

    Thanks for the new blog to explore and have a wonderful day, friend. xxoo

  2. Loving your blog, I nominated you for the versatile blogger award! The logo is on my most recent blog post for you to snag. Thank you for making me smile!

  3. What I love about your posts are that they make me think. This one has made me realise I’m still a child. No fear, I dream of what I’ll do next, thanks. As far as Freshly Pressed is concerned you are already there, positive thinking. 😉

  4. Good luck – I hope it happens for you. Of course, Freshly Pressed and quality are certainly no synonymous, so don’t feel badly if it take some time. I think it’s luck for the most part.

    • Dear L,
      I KNOW.
      You are right. And I DO know that. It’s kind of like Brig with her pencils. She didn’t care about the pencils…it was the goal, you know?
      It’s fun to do the thing you say you can do.
      For me, it’s also kind of an experiment with energy.
      I have this theory….that I can bring things into my circle of experience, if I decide to. I thiink I’m right….;)

  5. Hi Lisa,
    Not going to pretend I understand how freshly pressed works…I’ve seen some good posts on there and some that were not so good!
    It’s good to set goals though, and your blog would definitely be worthy of its place on there 🙂

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