Johnny Carson….the CHIP episode

If you’ve kept up with me lately, you know I’ve been under a little stress these past few days. This YouTube makes me laugh every time. I used to fall asleep to Johnny as a kid and he’ll always be my favorite late night host. He’s one of the best people ever to come from the state of Nebraska.

6 thoughts on “Johnny Carson….the CHIP episode

  1. I recognized that episode as soon as I saw the still shot of the video. Classic! I agree with you about Johnny–and I teared up during his last show, when Bette Midler sang “One for My Baby.”

      • I meant to say that what Johnny refers to as potato chips are what we call potato crisps, while ‘chips’ are potatoes which are cut into what you guys would call ‘fries’ (though we often fry them differently).

        Such scope for confusion in our common language, which usually turns out not to be.

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